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Moscow attractions

Moscow is a huge city with the population of 10000000. The city was officially founded in 1147 and more than 860 years it was the capital of Russia since 1918, as once out of the Middle Ages until the time of Peter the Great. Due to the history of Moscow, in Moscow there are attractions of all kinds from all periods from medieval to modern times. Here we try to describe the most famous and interesting sights in Moscow. 

What should you see firstly in Moscow? 

As for popular destinations and tours in Moscow, we always advise to begin with Sightseeing Tour of Moscow. We can offer you a standard rout of the tour in Moscow, or in accordance to your wishes. Price will not change anyway.
The best museums in Moscow are museums of the Kremlin including the Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund. Inside the fortress there is a museum complex, which we recommend you to visit. 
Also we may offer you a boat trip along Moscow River. Now we can make these trips even in winter on a comfortable boat-restaurant.
All other tours in Moscow depend on tourist`s tastes and interests. Each may choose something for himself.

Moscow museums

In Moscow there are more than 200 museums of all kinds, it is very difficult to describe everything. With regard to the most popular museums in Moscow, they are Kremlin Museums, Tretyakov Gallery (Russian art and icons) and the Pushkin Museum (collection of works of art from around the world). 
Other Museum Tours in Moscow are for different tastes and interests. Which Museum is for you, see above. If you want to visit a museum, which is not in our offers, please contact our manager.

Moscow Classic Tours

There are hundreds of places of interests around Moscow. Unfortunately, most of them unknown to foreign tourists. Tourist attraction number 1 is Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Sergiev Posad in close proximity to Moscow . Other most popular sites around Moscow are Kubinka and Monino. But what we offer, if you want to drive outside of Moscow, is our ship-tour, where you can see how the famous Russian souvenirs like pottery Gschel, Matrjoschkas, Fedoskino and otherwise are made. You can also buy guaranteed authentic souvenirs for low price. 

Medieval attractions in Moscow

In Medieval Moscow almost everything was built of wood. Only churches, monasteries, castles and homes of rich nobles were made of stone. Thus, after several fires in the Middle Ages very few buildings remained in Moscow of the Middle Ages. But even today there are few places in Moscow where you can visit Moscow medieval sights. The main Moscow attraction is, of course, the Kremlin.It is one of the largest castles in the world which is in good condition. The Kremlin has been decorated by an Italian architect in the 15 century, so do not forget architecture Kremlin walls and towers of the fortress are Italian. 
Right opposite the Kremlin there is the Red Square. Red Square is a collection of sites of different ages, but the most famous sight is St. Basil's Cathedral of the mid 15 th century. St. Basil's Cathedral is not only one the most famous Moscow attractions, but of all Russia. It is a masterpiece of architecture with a very interesting history and very beautiful and unique buildings. 
Close to the Red Square there is one of the oldest streets of Moscow - Varvarka.Here you can see the medieval court of the Romanovs family as the first British embassy in Russia and several churches. 
But the best places of medieval architecture, which still preserved, are Moscow monasteries. A monastery played the role of the fortress. The most famous monastery in Moscow is Novodevichy Convent. But besides it, there are many similar objects. 
Other medieval Moscow attraction is Kolomenskoye estate - the former residence of the first Romanov tsar. Today there is a big park with old buildings and trees which are three hundred years old.

Classical attractions in Moscow (18-19 century)

Since 1712 till 1918 St. Petersburg was the capital of Russian Empire. At that time Moscow was more than a provincial town, but the second most important city in the Russian Empire. That is why today you can see the most classical architecture in St. Petersburg. And  in the center of Moscow a lot of classical architecture has been preserved, although today buildings of different styles are often mixed. 
The best-known classical Moscow attractions are palaces and museums of the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, Tsaritsyno, Kuskovo, Archangelskoe estates and many others. 

Modern and constructivism attractions in Moscow

In Moscow there are many very beautiful Modern buildings. Some of them you may see from the inside. For example, the House of Fyodor Ryabushinsky by Shechtel. There is a Museum of Maksim Gorky, the world's most important buildings of Modern. In general about 50% of Moscow streets are of Modern style.For example Povarskaja Street. We may offer our tourists Moscow Modern Tour.
After Revolution in 1917 in Moscow there was one of the world's most famous architecture schools. Together with the German Bauhaus young Soviet architects have made a revolution in the world architecture. If you are a connoisseur of architecture, you will find many interesting buildings in Moscow. We can offer for our tourists a Moscow Constructivism tour.

Stalin-era sights in Moscow

Even before Stalin got a power, Moscow became the capital again and it changed rapidly. Many buildings, especially churches, were demolished. But Stalin era began in Moscow a new architectural era. 
Like Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Soviet Union banned constructivism architecture and started a new style to his taste. So we call this rebirth of classical architecture simply like Stalin`s style. 
Stalin`s style is a very special thing. This architecture was not in the resistance with the classical structures, it was mostly just a different kind of classicism with the same Greco-Roman roots. So that is an architecture like People`s. Moscow Metro, the 7 sisters - Stalin's skyscrapers, these are sights that are world famous. Today you can see many buildings of Stalin's time from the inside, such as MGU - Moscow State University; Moscow Metro tour is one of the most popular tours in Moscow. But this is only a small part of the Stalin`s architecture in Moscow. 

Modern attractions in Moscow

Stalin`s architecture was unfortunately the last style that has pleased people. Many buildings of the 60s - 70s have already been demolished because they were too ugly. 
A new era has begun with the Mayor Luzhkov, who has been ruled for 18 years in Moscow.The architecture in Moscow was often guided by his taste. The opinion of this architecture is controversial and often negative, although one can say that the Moscovites have become very choosy. 
Among the new attractions that are funny there are the new Christ the Savior Cathedral, Tsaritsyno estate, Kolomenskoe Tsar's Palace, Izmailovo Kremlin.
The largest construction project of nowadays is Moscow-City - the largest project in Europe. There are also many interesting buildings in Moscow, you can also visit. 
No matter what sights you want to visit in Moscow, we will help you to find something interestingt for you.