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Excursion to the largest reserves in Europe -Belavezhskaya pushcha.
Divided by the Belarusian-Polish border, Forest is a remnant of the ancient huge woodland that once stretched from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Bug River and from the Oder to the Dnieper. The richness and uniqueness of the biological diversity of the Belavezhskaya pushcha made its world famous natural site. In 1991 the State National Park of Belavezhskaya pushcha was created, a year later, UNESCO included the best-preserved section of old-growth stands of the national park in the World Heritage List. In 1993 UNESCO awarded the status of the Belavezhskaya pushcha Biosphere Reserve.
Today Park Belavezhskaya pushcha occupies over 90 hectares It introduces you the unique forest, its flora and fauna, modern problems of nature protection. The inhabitants of the forest are presented in cages. There is a museum of nature with interesting exhibition, and the nearby there is a seat of Ded Moroz (belarusian Santa Claus), which operates all year round, taking a variety of guests. Residence was created by arms of Belarusian masters not long time ago, but has already gained great popularity not only among children but also adults.
The tour introduces the unique part of Belarusian nature – hunting grounds of Polish kings and Russian tsars, the oldest National Park in Europe. Marvel at its inimitable beauty; learn more about the symbol of Belarus and the largest animal in Europe – European bison (zybr), visit the museum of Nature and try Belarusian cuisine at "Belavezhskaya Pushcha" restaurant.

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Duration: 16 hrs (for departures from Minsk)

Price includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  • Enterance fees;
  • Car provision;
  • Services of the driver.

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