Visa Support to Belarus

Visa to Belarus

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Our company will help you in getting the tourist visa to Belarus.

To obtain visa to Belarus you need to
1. Choose a hotel you prefer to reserve;
2. Fill in the Application Form;
3. Send completed Application Form and copy of your passport to;
4. Get Invitation letter and a Tourist Voucher from our Company;
5. Present all necessary documents to the Belarusian embassy.

Cost of services (EUR)


Cost per one pax

Visa support for citizens of the European countries 45
Visa support for citizens of others countries 45
Visa support for citizens of third countries 75
Visa support for foreign citizens in consular point of airport "Minsk-2" 50*(+ Euro45)
Sending documents by fax or email 5
Sending documents by DHL-mail by request
Hotel booking by request

*Suppelement for the documents delivery by car to the airport Consular department - 45 Euro.
Visa support does not include consular fee! Consular fee is paid direcrly to the Consular department.
The application form for executing Tourist Invitations
A tourist, who is planning to travel to Belarus, should have a valid passport and a Belarusian entry visa (except citizens of those countries which has visa-free entrance agreement with Belarus). A tourist visa can be issued by a Belarusian Consular Authorities in your country provided that you have the confirmation of tourist services you booked with travel agency (voucher). Or it`s possible to receive a tourist visa at “Minsk-2” National Airport on your arrival at Minsk.
Usual Belarisian Tourist visa is a one entry visa, which allows to stay in Belarus up to 30 days. However it’s possible to obtain 2 entries tourist visa. Number of entries does not have influence on the maximum length of the Tourist visa, it‘s still 30 days. Consular fee for 2 entries visa is double.
Usualy, it takes about 5 business days to obtain tourist visa. Please note that business days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. An express visa can be issued within 48 hours on the payment of a surcharge fee.

You may get the TOURIST VISA in two ways:


It`s possible to obtain visa by applying at any Belarusian embassy

At the Belarusian embassy you should present:

-Your passport (valid 3 months beyond intended stay)
-One passport size photo
-One visa application form completed and signed
- Voucher and invitation letter from a tourist company or travel agency (for European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan citizens - just invitation letter).


There are Consular offices at theNational airport Minsk-2 and Minsk-1 where you can also get tourist visa on arrival to Belarus. It`s is very convenient especially for those tourists who live far from the Belarusian embassy or are short of time.

In this case our Company will deliver original voucher and invitation letter to the Consular office at the airport at least 1 day before your arrival. When you come to the Airport you will have to go by the Consular office window and pass there:

-Your passport (valid 3 months beyond intended stay);
-One passport size photo;
-One visa application form completed and signed;
-Visa fee (cash payment only, EUR and USD are only currencies to be accepted)
-Visa will be stamped into your passport.

Visa support is provided only if hotel booking is made by our company for the whole period of visa duration.

The application form for executing Tourist Invitations
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