Suborbital Flight Training in MiG-29 of Brazilian experienced pilot-tourist! (with Video), July 2015

Freire Joao
Photo in cockpit before Suborbital Flight in MiG-29
Brazilian tourist with his family,pilot and our manager before Suborbital Flight in MiG-29

I am experiences pilot, who like extreme adventures and to fly on any kind of airplanes. If I have a change, especially I prefer jets. And I prefer to have Best, Highest and Most Adrenaline Emotions!
MiG-29 is the most powerful and extreme jet fighter, and it is great that civilians could experience this flight.
MiG-29 flight was 35 min, and we climb on altitude about 17 km. But pilots explain me, that altitude of the flight depends from atmosphere temperature , and time of flight begins when you start the engines. So, in general it was 45 minutes.
MiG29 flies soooo fast!!
I can’t believe that I am doing this! It was so desirable feelings! Strong, intense, fast!!
It is really lifetime experience! And I am sure I will come again to feel these extreme emotions again!
After landing, it demands days of time for understanding all that happening because this is over thrilling Flight!
It is highly intense flight, and advisable for anyone who like high extreme emotions!!!

I cannot imagine what adventure could exceed Suborbital Flight in MiG-29!

I want to mentioned also help of Victoria was very nice and attentionful, kind and polite!

I will surely come again for MiG-29 Flight!

Video of MiG-29 "Suborbital Training" flight program with our Brazilian guest Freire Joao. July 2015