Flying by Pо-2

legend aircraft


Kukuruznik (Po-2, U-2) - fly on legendary aircraft

Have you have had a dream to become the Air force pilot? We think that you probably did! We can give you an opportunity today, to become a Russian pilot and engage airborne enemies showing your true valor and brave heart, etc! Saddle a mighty "winged horse" and become a brave hero, skillful and quick as a flash!

Here is a unique chance to fly in a plane with an open cockpit with, perhaps, only a small wind-shield to protect you from the elements!

The aircraft Po-2 (U-2, "Kukuruznik", NATO name of "Mule") won its glory during the WWII as a simple and reliable plane. German generals offered a reward - 5 thousand marks - to anyone who could bring one down. But it was a very difficult thing to do! The Russia pilots loved their PО-2's for stability, predictability and survivability. The special 588th Night Bomber Air Regiments who were female pilots, was organized during the the Second World War; and they flew their PO-2's with great skill and courage. The German soldiers often called them "Night witches," because it was very difficult to attack them. Flying very low, these planes were invisible to radar and infrared sensors.

Flying by legend aircraft Po-2 you, too, will become a part of history!

You may choose duration of your flight.

The Po-2 (U-2) tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Po-2 Flying instructions;
  • Flying by Po-2.

N.B. - We can arrange transport, if needed.

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