Tourist from USA 2nd time did MiG29 Flight Experience!

Brant Mittler
Happy american tourist after MiG29 Flight second time, 15.05.2016
Instructions in cockpit before MiG29 Flight, May 2016
Photo with lipot after MiG29 Flight
Photo with Certificate after MiG29 Flight

The adventure tour took place exactly as advertised and on schedule. I had previously flown at the factory for a Aerobatic Maneuver MiG29 flight seven years ago.
The local guides and driver in Moscow were expert and very friendly. Alexey was the chief guide and he is young, fluent in English and Chinese and extremely knowledgeable, sophisticated and friendly.
The accommodations at the Metropol Hotel were superb. The tour of Moscow conducted by Valery was excellent. I even got to see the Russian Pope during a service.
The train ride to Nizhny was excellent. The train is modern and comfortable and the attendants young and friendly.
In Nizhny the accommodations at the Alexander Gardens Hotel are excellent.
The flight program at the Sokol factory ran flawlessly. I had flown before with the test pilot Andrey Pechenkin 7 years ago.
He and his colleagues are very friendly and explain all aspects of the flight. The flight preparation is careful and serious.
The flight team approaches the flight like a professional mission not some joyride. The security is very serious but never hostile.
Local guide Irina in Nizhny speaks excellent English and knows the local area and the factory museum as a highly professional and very friendly guide. She has been working at this position for years ( and is still quite young) and knows the program very well.
The walking tour of Nizhny with Irina and Alexey after the flight was superb and quite interesting in terms of many different historical and cultural highlights. Nizhny is a beautiful city on the banks of the Oka and Volga Rivers.

My American friends were quite concerned about my going to Moscow and Russia during times of increased political tensions between Russia and the USA.
Those concerns were not justified. Everyone associated with the program and this agency was extremely friendly and welcoming!!!
The people I encountered in Russia both in Nizhny and Moscow who did not work for the tour agency were uniformly friendly and helpful.
I was processed through Russian Immigration/Customs upon entry in minutes and with a smile.
Moscow is a world class city that is a real tourism bargain these days. It has superb museums, art galleries, concert halls, and wonderful food.
I recommend visiting Russia for this flight program with this agency without hesitation.
Where else in the world can you fly a high performance jet like this at the factory with the experienced factory test pilots?
And throughout my stay the WiFi was present and fast – even on the train to and from Nizhny!