The imressions of our customer from China flying L-39

Lu Haiping
2 August 2010
Before the flight in fighter jet L-39
In the cockpit of L-39
Ejection saet training before L-39 flight
After landing in L-39

Russia is a big country, but it`s very beautiful, especially when you are flying in L-39 with "Country of tourism".

So, I met Marina and Alex in Moscow and then we`ll have our way to Vyaz`ma. We are in the airfield. On briefing the pilot told me about the details
of my flight. I understood that the most useful skill is to keep your blood in your brains. You will feel comfortable whatever your pilot will make during the flight.

I was very glad that my dream came true and I saw a beautiful Russia from the sky. The experienced pilot showed me the 1st-class skill, which I liked very much.

I want to say a big THANK`s "Country of tourism" for arranging very impressive flight for me!

Country of Tourism