Impressions of our clients

French tourist with pilot before flight in MiG-29
Wilfrid Mare
Dear all, What an unforgettable experience flight in MiG-29! It took me about 2 days after the flight to realize what I had done!I went through the flight over and over again, to remember the...
I dream about this flight in MIG-29 very long time. Each time I visit Maks Airshow I was looking at airplanes, jet fighters, and their amazing aerobatic maneuvers in the sky and dream one day to feel...
Tony Hebden
Flying in a fast jet has been a dream of mine since I was a boy!So getting strapped into a Mig-29 and flying high into the stratosphere followed by performing high speed aerobatics, has to rate as...
Austrians visit to Red square in Moscow, September,2014
Gernot Goessler
As we started to plan our trip to Russia we checked several homepages and ask several agencies for tour offers for our big group. From the first mail when we get in contact to you until the drop...
Jonathan Burt
As part of my visit to Russia I had the chance to experience a flight in a MiG-29 fighter jet. This was a once in a lifetime experience!!! As a child you grow up wanting to be a fighter pilot and...
T.N. Suresh Kumar
I made my Edge of Space flight to an altitude of 17,100 metres on August 15 in MIG-29 from Sokol Airbase near Nizhny Novgorod in Russia.
Jimmy Chia Tswen Shih
I would like to leave my impression of my Mig-29 flight and Russian trip with "Country of Tourism LTD."
Stefano Cerini di Castegnate
I have known about the possibility of flying in Mikoyan-Gurevich-29 at the Sokol military airbase for a long time. I was excited about the idea of a supersonic voyage! I have always been extremely...
Jean-Jacques Leblond
I would like to say a few words about my flight in MiG-29. The second time I tried to do the flight in a fighter jet. First time I was deceived in South Africa (I have paid full amount, but when it...
Michael S.
Friends, flight in MiG-29 was fantastic and left very strong impression... and believe me, it's worth to try - and test yourself in the "space" strength and experience of flight dynamics and...
Fabien Badolle
I have visited Russia to have flight in MiG-29 because the flight was gifted me from Citroen company. They organized promotion lottery in honor of new C4 Picasso model edition. I have never been...
Yury N.
It is difficult to deal with emotions after such a flight!!!! Sergei Kara (pilot) did everything by 5+ points, everything that was planned and even more! It was Suborbital Space Flight Training in...
Our managers with Polish tourists
Tomasz Dudziak
I am an amateur aerobatic pilot. During training I have met several retired military pilots who told fascinating stories about flying supersonic jets during their service. When I found out about...
Iliya CH.
I would like to share my Impressions about the MiG-29 flight in March 2014(Suborbital Space flight training in MiG-29)! The feeling after the flight is like you do something incredible. Taking the...
Alexander Nesterenko between the jet engines
Alexander Nesterenko
Wished to fly since childhood.... I fly for a long time and regularly (several times a month), but ordinary passenger flights.... The jet fighter flight, I certainly wanted to, but somehow very...
Australian tourist ready for the flight
Vernon Moo
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful trip. Everything was perfect, all the guides, the transport arrangements, and even the weather.I could not have hoped for a...
Roland Thiaux
First, it was a great to meet the airbase’s staff, our interpreter and Sergei. The flight was a stunning and unforgettable experience. I really enjoyed the aircraft presentation with Sergei, the time...
Tiago Matos de Carvalho
27.08 - 01.09.2013
As the main focus of the tour was the MAKS, in my opinion everything was extremely fine. The two first days, exclusive for business and press, provided a really good opportunity to take a close look...
Michael Enslin
27.08 - 01.09.2013
I am writing this as a token of my appreciation at the way your company representative Anastasia Stepanova planned and handled my recent tour to Moscow and the MAKS air show. Anastasia was very...
Douglas Edwin Taylor
Just before I left home for Russia one of your e-mails mentioned my upcoming holiday as “your amazing tour to Russia with an incredible MIG-29 ride” I didn’t think much about it at the time but now...
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