Impressions of our clients

Eschauzier Marcel
My idea to make MiG-29 Flight appears when i was in Paris and have heard from polish collague about this opportunity- get to Stratosphere in MIG-29 in Russia. And i hold this idea in my head. I...
Impressions from Italy I enjoyed so much join your Maks 2015 tour! I always have been attracted to Moscow but I never had the possibility to come there and visit it but this time I joined my passion...
Daniel Zwicker
Hello Victoria I would like to thank for the super organization. It was fun with you. Nadezhda us all super explained and well taken care of us. On the excursion to the submarine we hattem lots of...
Boltze Michael
Dear Victoria, Since my childhood I dreamed of flying and since then I took every opportunity to fly. Only I missed a flight in a fighter jet. On my journey from Germany to Singapore I got a hint of...
Sufliarsky Marian
I am the man who looking for new adventures and challenges , and one of these challenges was Edge of Space Flight in Mig 29 which is possible only in airbase "Sokol" in Nizhny Novgorod . I chose this...
Mohamad Abou Saleh
It's very hard to figure out where to start describing my inner feeling. I wished to fly since my childhood commercial civil airplanes and military jet fighters. I knew very well that flying jet...
Mulay Ashish
Since my childhood I was fascinated by fighter jets and fighter pilots. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot but due to circumstances I could not be one. But the dream of that was always with me and...
Tourist from Lebanon near jet fighter MiG-29
Adolph Eid
Dear Victoria, Since I was a little boy (6 or 7 years old) I have been dreaming of being a fighter pilot. But unfortunately my small country has no jet fighters, therefore, I couldn't realize my...
Freire Joao
I am experiences pilot, who like extreme adventures and to fly on any kind of airplanes. If I have a change, especially I prefer jets. And I prefer to have Best, Highest and Most Adrenaline Emotions...
Dennis Stephen
I saw in internet that I could fly to the 'Edge of Space' as one of the Top10 Adventures in the World! I wanted to do something AMAZING for my 50th Birthday and was really excited at the thought of...
Lajos Varga , Stefano Albinati, Zoltan Veres
Zoltan and Stefano Just a few words to thank you for taking so well care of us during our stay in Nishny Novgorod. Lajos, Zoltan and myself really enjoyed flying on the Mig 29. We are experiences...
Henri Cornuaud
On Monday May 25th, 2015 I had the great opportunity to fly in Mig-29 to Stratosphere. The staff at " Country of Tourism Ltd" and on the Sokol airbase was exceptional. The flight itself was a blast...
 Photo before flight in MiG-29
Mit C. Bhatt.
I am an avid vacationist having extensively traveled across 4 continents, 12 countries and counting...I have been an aviation aficionado since childhood and have been around military and commercial...
French tourist with pilot before flight in MiG-29
Wilfrid Mare
Dear all, What an unforgettable experience flight in MiG-29! It took me about 2 days after the flight to realize what I had done!I went through the flight over and over again, to remember the...
I dream about this flight in MIG-29 very long time. Each time I visit Maks Airshow I was looking at airplanes, jet fighters, and their amazing aerobatic maneuvers in the sky and dream one day to feel...
Tony Hebden
Flying in a fast jet has been a dream of mine since I was a boy!So getting strapped into a Mig-29 and flying high into the stratosphere followed by performing high speed aerobatics, has to rate as...
Austrians visit to Red square in Moscow, September,2014
Gernot Goessler
As we started to plan our trip to Russia we checked several homepages and ask several agencies for tour offers for our big group. From the first mail when we get in contact to you until the drop...
Jonathan Burt
As part of my visit to Russia I had the chance to experience a flight in a MiG-29 fighter jet. This was a once in a lifetime experience!!! As a child you grow up wanting to be a fighter pilot and...
T.N. Suresh Kumar
I made my Edge of Space flight to an altitude of 17,100 metres on August 15 in MIG-29 from Sokol Airbase near Nizhny Novgorod in Russia.
Jimmy Chia Tswen Shih
I would like to leave my impression of my Mig-29 flight and Russian trip with "Country of Tourism LTD."
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