Impressions of our clients

Flights in MiG-29 for tourists
Elif Tastan & Akiner Ozdilek
Hello, We would like to express our special gratitude about the tour and flight. It was a competition prize from Vestel, so the most special thanks is to Vestel for this wonderful experience. We...
Onorio Rocca
Dear Irene, Thank you for the photos, and yes I do remember you, and I look forward to see you again, and I appreciated your assistance and guidance. I got back to Canada fine after my interesting...
St.Basil's Cathedral
Bob Bueltmann
Hi Irene, Thank you for the wonderful tour today! I was very impressed with your knowledge of Moscow and Russia. I think that I learned more today about Russia than I have learned in my entire...
Voldemars with the pilot Andrew near MiG-29
Voldemars Janis Uplejs
Thank you very much for the wonderful experience! The flight was truly memorable, I have never before flown so fast or so high! Andrey, he is a top class pilot! It was very nice and easy to work...
Alain Mothes
Dear Irene, Thanks a lot for the organisation which was perfect. Faina Musaeva made a perfect job, and everything was fine with the customer! Best Regards Alain
Karavadjo, Pushkin Museum
M. Formanowicz President Furniture Factory «FORTE» PLC
We had been staying in Moscow for 4 days and all these days were very positive for us. The things we liked best of all were the following: the content of the program, excursions and places of...
MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!
Ivan Shestak
Dear friends, I want to share the feelings of a few minutes of flight in the MiG-29. Several years ago I had a Zero-G flight at the Cosmonaut Training Center . I want to say that the experience was...
Hiromitsu Ishihara
Before coming to Russia I didn't know anything about this country. So I was afraid of coming to Russia. But everyone I met here is a good person. I Had a good trip to Russia. I was not a good...
Hello, The excursion was very nice. The guests liked the service and the guide very much as he especially adhered to their needs. The only issue was with the children. Somehow they were not very...
Dianne & Kevin Hollenbeck
We are back home after our wonderful visit to Russia. We sincerely enjoyed the time we spent in Moscow... had dinner in Red Square on two different evenings, and did see Red Square at night.   The...
Peter Wanninger
Thank you very much for the picrure!!! And again thank you for your guided tour!!! We had a wonderful time in Moscow! It is a fantastic city!!!! I hope, we will come back soon!!!! Hugs...Peter
Craig and Matthew
The tour of the Kremlin was very interesting. The guide (Anatoliy) we had was very knowledgeable and although the time we had there was quite short, the guide did a very good job to fit in all the...
With the pilot
Frank Wieler
It's been over 3 weeks since my Mig 29 flight. I'm back in Canada now, but I am still relishing the experience! The incredible sense of speed as the afterburners kicked in and took us to 1.93 Mach!...
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Jana Vorob`eva
I want to thank  ("Space Tourism Ltd") and Oleg Fedorov (Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant "SOKOL") for organizing an outstanding tour, for being every second attentive, calm and patient! Words...
Marin Leonie
Leonie le 06.09.2011 Ce matin je suis partagée entre la peur et l’exitation: j’appelle ça le stress positif! Une folie histoire m’a mise sur ce destin et j’en suis tres fière. Ma famille a peur de...
Frank Hanley
The MIG-29 flight experience was even more incredible than I expected. Truly a thrill of a lifetime. The arrangements by "Space Tourism Ltd" could not have been better. An outstanding performance...
Sasa Savicevic
It is nice (superb!) feeling when man in his late thirties fulfill his childhood dream. Since I was a boy I dreamt about this day. I had experienced parachute jumps, flight in light planes, gliders...
In MiG-29 cockpit before the flight
David Cline
Hey everyone, I just took the Mig-29 Russian Jet Fighter to the Edge of Space,doing Mach 2 speed N being in the universe where the light meets the darkness, it is the most beautiful sight I've saw...
Moskau Schifffahrt
Norbert und Margot
Es war eine sehr gute Reise. Die Organisation und die Reiseleiter waren sehr gut. Alles hat gut geklappt. Alle Reiseleiter waren sehr freundlich und haben gute Information gegeben. Besuch des Roten...
Moskau Stadtrundfahrt
Richard und Sara
Uns hat die Führung in Moskau sehr gut gefallen. Wir haben viel gesehen und Michael hat ein großes Wissen und hat uns dieses auch vermittelt. Er stets sehr freundlich. Wir können Michael sehr...