Impressions of our clients

Victory Park, Moscow
Margaret Kelly Haas
We wanted to say thank you once again for everything that you did for us. You certainly took very, very good care of us. We had a wonderful time. Our driver, Alexi and our tour guide, Anatole were...
Tourist with the pilot near MiG-29
Colin Jobbins
Ever since I was a child I wanted to fly in a military fighter but I never thought I would get the opportunity. After some research I discovered the company “Space Tourism, Ltd” and realised that it...
Tank rides in Russia - T-34
Turkish guests
Hello our friends! We are just back from Russia. Among other activities there we had a chance to try amazing Tank Rides! We have to admit that everything was cool, we really enjoyed it. We tried 2...
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Alexander Diveev
I performed a flight in MiG-29 on February 24, 2011 on my birthday. During the flight, I received the maximum emotions and really felt what 8,5 G and complex of aerobatics means. I express my ...
Im Kubinka Museum, Adam Moerser
Beat Franz Z.
Der Museumbesuch war sehr interessant, auch die Führung und Geschichten der verschiedenen Panzer waren Perfekt!