Kamchatka Adventure

Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure


Kamchatka is one of the most interesting and unexplored places in Russia, and the unique location of Kamchatka separates the Okhotsk Sea from Pacific Ocean. Kamchatka is a general name for peninsula, itself, and a part of a continent, including the Komandorsky Archipelago and Karaginsky Island. Kamchatka is a land of mountains and volcanoes. More than 160 volcanoes are located on the peninsula. The second, and most apt name of Kamchatka is the Circle of Fire.

If you really want to discover nature-in-the-raw, and admire the real unadulterated beauty of this land, stay away from populated areas, and visit the out-of-the-way places, almost impossible for ordinary people to visit — then our Kamchtka adventure is for you!

Visit the volcanic calderas, geyser valley and natural hot springs geysers, feel the beauty of volcano craters lakes , take a helicopter trip over mountains, exclusive guaranteed fishing and the beauty of the region capital Petropavlovsk — Kamchatsky — all these options can be included in your Kamchatka tour!

Kamchatka was discovered, by Vladimir Atlasov, in 1697, but the beauty of this land has remained much the same as it has in the past. Most Kamchatka places can be visited, only by helicopter, which automatically makes your Kamchatka tour very exclusive.

The local population of Kamchatka (particularly in the countryside) follow the traditional ways of life, based on the national culture. During your Kamchatka visit, you will partake of the traditional lifestyle of local people.
This region is also famous as a key port-of-call, for all main round-the-world expeditions. Well-known adventurers, like Captain Clark, Krusenstern, Captain James Cook, etc., used Petropavlovsk as an intermediate base during the expeditions.

Until 1990, Kamchatka was closed to foreigners. Only since 1991, have non-Russian residents been able to discover and appreciate the size beauty of this land.

We can arrange for you to join this people during your Kamchatka adventure tour.

The capital of Kamchatka – Petropavlovsk or Kamchatsky city – is also unique. It is really marvelous to be in the city and combine the city tour with gorgeous views of the Avachinsky, Kozelsky and Koryaksky volcanoes, right from the city’s downtown area! The beauty of Avacha Bay will be an added bonus to your Kamchatka tour!

So, if you want to combine traditional travel and a unique place, directly experiencing the beauty of nature with a real adventure–our Kamchatka tour is the right choice for you!

You will be suitably impressed by the magnificent views of the volcanoes and geysers, and our helicopter trips will add some extra excitement to your Kamchatka tour, with a wonderful opportunity to take exclusive photographs of natural geysers, and hot springs will relax you after adventures so that you will be ready for new discoveries in Kamchatka.

We will add, later, a Buggy Ride or Volcano Trekking, Fishing or some Eco-tours.

And, of course, you will try the delicious local food–caviar, red fish and sea-food!

Our company is ready to create your individual program for a Kamchatka Adventure according to your special requests.

To see the optional places you may visit and Kamchatka adventure programs just click Tour program.

Contact our staff and they will build a great Kamchatka Adventure Tour specially just for you!

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this unique land of nature-in-the-wild, with our Kamchatka Tour!

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