Photogallery of Flights

Few minutes before the Edge of Space flight
Russian tourist's photo before the flight to stratosphere
Inspection of the fighter jet with the pilot
Pilot team is ready for MiG-29 flight
visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour of our American guest
American tourist during his Red Square visit
Russian tourist's photo before the flight to stratospere
Congratulation with MiG-29 flight from Pilot and our team
Handmade casket with MiG-29 on top as a gift for our dear tourists
MiG-29 Flights for tourists
Our French tourists inside the cockpit
Shot from inside cockpit camera
MiG-29 flights for tourists in Russia
MiG-29 rides in Russia 2014
Discussion of two experienced pilots
Fighter jet casket as a Gift
Scale Model of the MiG-29 that you will fly in