COST of MiG 29 flights for civilians in Russia, Sokol airbase. Prices of Flight in MiG-29 - Aerobatics & Edge os Space flights in MiG 29 in 2018!

Our company "Space Tourism, Ltd." have been organizing these MiG-29 flights for more than 10 years and gained sufficient experience in this field. Now we have been providing more than 40 flights per year (more than 290 flights for 10 years) and the flights were included into Top-10 World's adventures.

"Space Tourism, Ltd." is an Authorized company of "Sokol" airbase with the Right of direct sales of MiG-29 flights. It is confirmed by the Certificate, we`ve got from the airbase, giving the Right for sale.

It is possible to have this Top Gun experience only in one place in the World and have the opportunity to fly modern military Russian fighter jet MiG-29, have "Edge of Space" flight or experience high performance aerobatics or even take part in MiG races.

Our company, "Space Tourism, Ltd." has a travel insurance to cover 1 000 000 (one million) USD, that is a GUARANTEE of our reliability and quality of work!

We offer the BEST PRICES for MiG-29 Flights in 2018!!

Flight Programs MiG-29 Price of the Flight Only Euro Price of the Flight in MiG-29 with 3-day Package Tour via Nizhny Novgorod Euro Price of the Flight in MiG-29 with 5-day Package Tour via Moscow Euro
Econom Business Econom Business
Aerobatics in MiG-29
(25 minutes)

Aerobatics in MiG-29 (40 minutes) UPON REQUEST

"Edge of Space" & Aerobatics(40 minutes) UPON REQUEST

If you buy MiG-29 flight only without Tour Package,

Additional options:
- Professional Photos and Video of your entire visit and flight – UPON REQUEST
- Additional Helmet CameraUPON REQUEST

- Personal Flight Suit with your name to take home – UPON REQUEST
- 3 Days Package Tour via Nizhniy Novgorod
- 5 Days Package Tour via Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod

Prices Includes:

*All preparations, medical check and the equipment;
*Taxes and fees;
*The Permission to access the “Sokol” airbase;
*Interpreter services;
*Transfer from the hotel to the airbase and back;
*Visit to “Sokol” Plant Aviation Museum;
*MiG-29 flight according to the chosen program;
*Personal Certificate with all flight parameters;
*Flight Insurance.

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Unique Video of Stratosphere from the MiG-29 cockpit

PDF Brochure!