Tank T-34 History Museum


Have you ever heard about the legendary Russian T-34 tank? Or even seen one? The optimal combination of firepower, toughness and mobility of Т-34 became the classical model for the development of tanks in different countries all over the world. We are inviting you, now, to go to see this unique museum entirely dedicated to one military vehicle – the medium-sized T-34 tank.

The T-34 tank played a main role in all large battles of Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. The T-34 tank was well adapted for mass production and during the war, more than 54,000 tanks were manufactured. Nevertheless, there are still many questions about this tank:

  • How was the tank designed?
  • Who created T-34 tank?
  • Why the simple design of T-34 tank could not be reproduced in the German high-production plants during WWII?
  • Who created the "heart of the tank?" – the diesel engine, which even now is unbeatable!
  • How did Russian people manage to organize the mass production of this tank for 2 months in December 1941?
  • The museum exhibits will answer all these questions.

There are two main halls: the first represents the history from tank’s invention and development to being built; the second hall is devoted to role of T-34 tank in the various battles of WWII and local conflicts of XX century. In the open area of museum you will see eight Tanks of different models and a self-propelled artillery vehicle.

Specialists from different countries have admitted that the Soviet Т-34 tank was a world’s masterpiece of tank production. The T-34 tank was created in the late 1930s and was used from June 1940 to September 1997. It is known as of the most commonly used tanks in the world and it has been in service in the armies of more than 40 countries.

After the Second World War, the Т-34 tank gained another "function"... it became the most popular monument to military success. There is one remarkable fact - having stood on pedestals for more than sixty years, the T-34 tank can still be easily started and driven off.

The tour takes approximately 5 hours.

The tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Entrance tickets;
  • Tour in the museum.
  • Transportation to museum (17 km outside of Moscow)

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