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Can you tell some interesting facts about Moscow?

Of course there are a lot of interesting facts about Moscow. For example Moscow lays on seven hills and during Stalin's period, seven high-rises were built, or "sisters" how Muscovites call them. These buildings became a new symbol of Moscow and you can see all of them from an observation point – Sparrow Hills. An interesting fact is that Moscow has a city under the city. Moscow subway with all the underground communications and bunkers they are the world's largest bomb shelter where all citizens may hide during a war attack. And the last but not least, Moscow has the largest population in Europe and it is actually the most expensive city in the world.

Where can I see Moscow ballet?

Traditionally Moscow guests prefer to watch Moscow ballet in The Bolshoy Theater. In this particular place you can enjoy the whole beauty of Moscow ballet. Bolshoy Theater plays a great role in the history of Moscow ballet and in the history of Russian ballet in general. The history of Moscow ballet began in XVIII century and Bolshoy Theater was built specificaly for ballet shows. Nowadays Bolshoy keeps the atmosphere of XVIII century luxury and Moscow ballet looks especially impressive here. Also you can see Moscow ballet in other different places like the Big Kremlin Palace or new Opera. Actually it doesn't matter where you view Moscow ballet, in any case it leaves you very impressed.

What's the weather in Moscow?

Moscow weather can be different. It all depends on the season. Moscow weather can range from about +28(84F) (in summer season) to -25 (-13F) (in winter season). Moscow weather doesn't have a rainy season but more often, rainy days in Moscow occur in July. Moscow weather is predictable enough and it is really rare to witness various weather anomalies. In any case, Moscow weather brings you positive emotions during sunny summer days or snowy winter days.

Do Moscow billboards spoil the view of Moscow?

There are a lot of billboards in Moscow, it is true. Some Moscow billboards can really disturb your impressions but in most cases, billboards in Moscow are installed in the distance from all the good sights. For the last 10 years it's been almost impossible to imagine a big city like Moscow without billboards. Nowadays Moscow billboards are an integral part the modern Moscow image. We just hope that this new Moscow mark doesn't disturb you from enjoying our lovely capital.

What is the most popular battle in Moscow?

A few different points of view exist, about which was the most popular battle in Moscow. Some people believe that the most popular battle in Moscow was the one that took place during Second World War. When fascists came almost too close to Moscow and were stopped about 20 km from Moscow's border. Had this battle been lost, perhaps the entire war would have been lost. This battle near Moscow helped break the course of war and it was the beginning of the end of the fascist Germany. According to another point of view the most popular battle in Moscow was in the XIX century when Napoleon came to Moscow. But in reality there was no battle, because our commander-in-chief decided to "give" Moscow to Napoleon. He just decided to burn Moscow down, since at that time it was mostly wooden, and in this case Napoleon didn't get anything. Napoleon and his army were strangled in the empty wintry city, and it was a real victory for Russia.

Which Moscow art theater is a must-see?

There are a lot of art theaters in Moscow. But there are two Moscow art theaters that are named just "Moscow art theater". One of them is the Moscow art theater named after Chehov (great Russian writer) and other Moscow art theater was named after Gorky (also great Russian writer). In the beginning, both of them were one theater, and their founders were world-famous director Stanislavsky and a playwrighter Nemirovich-Danchenko. Both of these theaters keep the tradition of the great Russian schooling and you can enjoy it in any play which takes place in one of the Moscow art theaters.

Where I can see the famous Moscow circus?

There are two famous circuses in Moscow. The Old Moscow circus or Moscow circus of Nikulin was founded in 1880. And it's the oldest circus in all of Russia. Here Moscow guests can enjoy the atmosphere of a real fairytale and value the class of Moscow circus actors. The Old Moscow circus has a spectacular program, consisting of acrobatic performances, conjurers, clowns and trainers. The second Moscow circus and the biggest one is the Big Moscow State Circus. Big Moscow circus always surprises its visitors with unbelievable shows and programs.

Are all Moscow restaurants expensive?

Moscow houses restaurants for every budget and taste. Moscow restaurants have European, Caucasian, Italian, Spanish, Mexican cuisine, etc. The average check for a lunch in one of Moscow's restaurants is 400 rub (14$). The majority of good Moscow restaurants are situated in the heart of Moscow, but you can find the finest restaurants in any part of Moscow city. Of course in the capital there are a lot of expensive and exclusive restaurants, in this places you should book your table before coming. If you want to try the national Russian food, you can get really cheap Russian pancakes or the famous Russian caviar in any of the many markets.

Where is in Moscow ballet which performing the great Russian nutcracker?

There are two Moscow ballet which performing the great Russian nutcracker. First is Bolshoy Theater is the most famous Theater in Moscow where you can see ballet and hear incredible opera. Here you can enjoy the classic view of nutcracker and enjoy the class of Russian ballet school. Second Moscow ballet which performing the great Russian nutcracker is Theater of Classic Ballet. Despite the name of theater heir nutcracker more modern but no less impressive. You can choose what variant is closer to you classic or more modern. Not so long ago ballet nutcracker started to play on ice, this show will be unforgettable especially for guests with children.

What is Moscow cat theater?

Moscow cat theater is theater where main actors are cats. The creator of this theater is Kuklachev. Kuklachev is a famous clown who create his own show with cats. In his performance cats doing unbelievable things, dancing, counting, singing and making you smile. In Moscow cat theater are a lot of different cats of different breed or without any breed. Kuklachev traveled a lot with this show, his cats became very famous in Europe. You can value it and see this show by your own eyes.

When was founded Moscow State University?

Moscow State University was founded in 1755 by Mikhail Lomonosov (great Russian scientist) and the decree ordering its creation was issued by Russian Empress Elizabeth. Moscow State University the oldest University in Russia and this is place of birth of all Russian science. The main building of Moscow State University (MSU) stays at Sparrow Hills. This hills is observation platform which gives a good panoramic view of the city. Nowadays Moscow State University has 39 faculties and 14 research centers and in University study foreign students from more than 30 countries.

Is it expensive car rent in Moscow?

You can rent car in Moscow in different companies and places. And of course price depends on class of car and on company. For example international company Hertz has special discounts if you book auto before coming to Moscow. But you can find a little companies which can give you less price than international companies. Also you can rent a car in Moscow with driver it will be more expensive but more consider to traffic jam in Moscow, you can relax more and enjoy views of Moscow. It's better find car rent in Moscow before your visit and book your car. And better if you book car with a box the automatic machine better because of traffic jam of course. Also see our service »

How many international airports has Moscow?

Moscow has four international airports. Sheremetyevo Moscow airport consist of two terminals Sheremetyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2. First terminal is smaller and there are no so many international flights. The greatest stream of flights going through second terminal. In this Moscow terminal Aeroflot (Russian air company) has his main office. Third international Moscow airport is Vnukovo. This airport has a status of government's airport, majority of government's flight going through this airport but also civil flights take off from here. And the last one and the modern one is Domodedovo Moscow airport. This airport is the biggest in Russia and majority of the international flights go from here.

How much costs hotel in Moscow?

The price of hotel in Moscow depends on his level. Five stars hotel price begin with 400 $ per night and unlimited. Four stars hotel prices range between 400$ per night to 150 $ per night. Three stars hotel prices is about 120-80$ per night. Anyway you can find hotel in Moscow which suits better for you. There are a lot of luxury, modern, unique and well-known hotels. You can live in international hotels like Marriott or Novotel or choose Russian chains. Also you can find cheapest hostel in Moscow where prefer to stay young people.

What is population of Moscow?

According to 2002 Census the population of Moscow is about 11 million people but this Census counts only legal residents. In reality Moscow has about 16 million people. Official population of Moscow with suburb is 17 million. More than 6 million people in Moscow is illegal immigrants who usual came from ex-USSR countries. Moscow always was the largest city in Russia and the last few years their population increase because of many immigrants (legal and not legal).

What is time in Moscow?

Moscow like the whole European part of country (except Kaliningrad) lies in second time zone. It means that time in Moscow equal Greenwich time plus 2 hours. For knowing exact Moscow time guest of Moscow can go to the main square Red Square and look at Spasskaya tower where the main Russian clock are established. Every hour this clock beating and every year clock on Spasskaya tower beating 12 times and announce that New Year came.
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Where can I see Moscow classic watch?

For seeing Moscow classic watch or classic sights which you can see on card you should visit different place. For classic panoramic view Sparrow Hills is ideal place, here you can observe the whole city, especially in sunny days. Saint Basil Cathedral is another Moscow classic watch, you can find this sight on many cards. Actually every church in Moscow can be classic watch because golden domes is a symbol of Moscow and Russia at all.

Can I buy any Moscow guide book?

Yes you can. There are a lot of Moscow guide books in different languages which you can buy in touristic stores for example in Arbat street. Of course different guide books consist of different information. Some Moscow guide books has more actual information, some have more wide Russian dictionary, another can suggest you interesting stories about common Moscow's life. You can choose whatever you want and what better for you and for your travel.

Is it well developed in Moscow real estate?

Yes it is well developed in Moscow real estate. Moscow's real estate market can suggest you wide spectrum of apartments for any budget. Moscow real estate can offer flats and apartments for few days what very comfortable for Moscow's tourist and visitors. The price of this apartments depends on quantity of rooms and facilities which this apartment provides you. You should book apartment in Moscow before your coming because you'll need some time to analyze offers in the real estate market.

Can you named the most beautiful Moscow subway stations?

Moscow subway stations without any doubt can impressed anybody with their beauty and grace. During you visit of Moscow your can visit the most impressed subway in the world and see a real architecture pearls, such stations as Komsomolskaya, Square of Revolutaion, Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and etc. Some stations were built before Second World War and in war days they served like bombproof, for example Mayakovskaya. Interesting fact that during Second World War our subway continued under construction. See our tour to Moscow Metro »