50th Anniversary of first manned flight by Yuri Gagarin into Space!!! Join the group to Baikonur Tour in March 2011

Yuri Gagarin
Man enters Space
Vostok Start
Soyus Start
Soyuz TMA-21
Soyuz TMA-21 Crew - Andrei Borisenko, Aleksandr Samokutyaev, Ronald J. Garan

Soyuz TMA-21 Launch - 30.03.11

On April 12, 1961 the first manned flight into Space was performed. Yuri Gagarin became the first cosmonaut in the world.

It was one of the biggest dates in the history of mankind and one of the greatest achievements of the Soviet Union.

Space Race between the USSR and the USA led to the fact that due to thrust of Space development, today we enjoy many benefits of civilization, associated with the conquest of space, without which we can not imagine the modern world.

Thus the flight of Yuri Gagarin into the Space influenced the lives of every person on the Earth.

Launch of manned spaceship Soyuz, which will be held March 30, 2011, will be dedicated to the fiftieth Anniversary of the first manned flight into space! It will be an exceptional event at the Baikonur cosmodrome, in order to take part in the festivities many delegations from all over the world will arrive to see the launch of Soyuz! And you can attend this Event!

For all lovers of space and simply unforgettable tour-experience we offer the opportunity to join our tour to Baikonur (March 29 - April 1, 2011) to see the launch of spaceship Soyuz-TMA on 03/30/2011.

During the tour you’ll see:

  • Another country (Baikonur is located in a desert zone, in Kazakhstan)
  • Baikonur city (100,000 inhabitants; about 30 years ago you could be arrested for coming to this city);
  • Another culture (mixed culture: Russian and Kazakh with a slight hint of
  • Soviet Union);
  • The historical space museum ( you’ll see a lot of interesting things, for example: Gagarin house, «Buran» and much more);
  • Historical sights and tourist attractions (the rocket launch pad, launch vehicle).
  • Special manufactury, where you will see how to create rockets;
  • Astronauts (you will see them from a distance of 20 meters);
  • The rocket launch (the distance of 2 km);
  • Gagarin launch pad №1 immediately after the rocket launch.

Also Baikonur tour is:

  • Historical space tour – you’ll learn a lot of interesting thematic facts, museums, places;
  • Event tour - you’ll see the unique flight!
  • Photo tour - you’ll have a chance to make a lot of beautiful pictures;
  • Cultural and geography tour - you’ll learn a new culture, history, people, also you’ll taste the Kazakh cuisine.
  • Impression tour - you’ll understand that you saw the unique place.

If you can’t live without adventures and want to see something unique and exclusive- the tour to Baikonur is for you!

Prices for tourists:
3400 euro - double room (all inclusive: permission to visit Baikonur, air tickets, meals, accommodation, accompaniment, excursion program, transfers).
3600 euro - single room (all inclusive: permission to visit Baikonur, air tickets, meals, accommodation, accompaniment, excursion program, transfers).

It will be a really memorable! It happens once in 50 years! You have an opportunity to participate in it!!!

The program of entertaining event is confirmed.

We advise to all wants to join this tour to make your requests as soon as possible!

Applications are accepted until February, 10!

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