Group of ESA and NASA at Baikonur 26.05.2013-30.05.2013

The model of Baikonur
Trying to find the native place during Baikonur museum tour
The Cosmonauts Glory Hall
Some of the first cosmonauts
The "cosmonauts" inside the cockpit
Vilash from Azerbaidzhan speaks to Korolevs radio
With Gagarins space seat
Korolev's diary with note of 12th April 1961
Soyuz spacecraft descent module capsule in Baikonur Museum
Writting client's impressions in Baikonur Museum's guestbook
The Hall of Baikonur Cosmodrome Museum
The legendary "Buran" spacecraft
Spacecraft engine in Baikonur Museum
Inside of shuttle "Buran" cockpit
Space shuttle vehicle from the Soviet Buran program
Our tourists in Cosmodrome Baikonur Museum
Gagarin's House in Baikonur where he spent last night before launch
Korolev's house in Baikonur where he lived during first years of space explorati
Korolev's workplace with direct phone to Kremlin
Souyz Assembly and Test Facility
Spacecraft Souyz parts in Assembly and Test Facility
Transporter of Energia booster rocket
Russian Cosmodrom Baikonur
Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazahstan desert
In Baikonur City Museum
Model of Proton spacecraft in Baikonur City Museum
Gagarin's Summerhouse where state commission chose him for space
Gagarin's Summerhouse in the bank of Syr Darya River
Baikonur Sightseeing Tour
Baikonur City
Local market in Baikonur City
International Space School
Rockets launch in International Space School
Train Monument in Baikonur City
Rocket launch in Baikonur
Cosmonauts before report to State commissio
Bus №1 on the way to launch pad
The reaport to State Commission
The Soyuz spacecraft one hour before the launch at night
Rocket fuel in the launch pad
Gagarin's launch pad 20 minutes after launch