Spaceflight Training Tour

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Zero-G Flight
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Space simulator

Are you tired monotony? Are you fed-up with same boring scenery on your yacht? Do you fancy something new and unforgettable? We offer you 5 days filled with extreme sensations! You have now a chance to have space training course at the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, located in Star City, Moscow region, in a 5-day program. You will go on a completely special mission: a flight to the stars! Under the guidance of the original crew coaches of the GCTC, who train the international professional crew members who fly to the International Space Station ISS. You will actually learn to be a Cosmonaut! During your training, you will attempt to dock your space craft with the International Space Station ISS, not with the help of any computer as under normal conditions, but directly controlled by you (Space Simulator "Soyuz-TM"). You will perform the mission in the Hydrolab, at the GCTC, where astronauts and cosmonauts were trained for the so-called EVA's (Extra vehicular activities), flying free, in space, inside the Russian Orlan DMA spacesuit. Under the control of GCTC instructors you will be tested in Ts-F 18 Centrifuge.

This space training program is your first step to the Stars. If you are not quite as ambitious, it might simply be the best experience you shall ever have and never forget.

This tour is designed specially for our clients and the program may be further customized according your wishes and preferences.

We offer you to draw you into the atmosphere of Space, where we can make your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut come true! Book it now!

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