Tour to Russian Mission Control Center


Mission Control Centre is the part of the Russian Federal Space Agency which actually manages space flight missions. It is located in Korolev city (Moscow Region) near RKK Energia Plant.

MCC operates flights of space vehicles of various types, such as piloted orbital complexes, spaceships, automatic interplanetary stations and artificial Satellites. MCC is the most modern and has the newest and latest technologies for processing information and managing space missions from the point of launch until the landing or mission completion.

We urge you to visit the Mission Control Center where you will have a lecture on history, work and the structure of the MCC. You will see the main hall of International Space Station control and watch a movie about cosmonauts’ life up in orbit. You’ll have a chance to witness a communication session with ISS cosmonauts.

During this tour you will:

  • Learn many new facts about first manned-flights and cosmonauts' everyday duties up in Space;
  • Watch movie about cosmonauts' life in orbit;
  • Watch a session of communication with ISS;
  • The tour takes approximately 5 hours.

The MCC is opened for visiting daily from 10:00 till 14:00. The days off: Saturday and Sunday.

The price includes:

  • Permission to visit MCC;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • MCC guide;
  • Tour in the MCC;
  • Trasportation to the MCC (20 km from Moscow).


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