Rostov - Yaroslavl - Karabicha tour

Gold Ring
Gold Ring


This two-day tour takes you to the historic towns of the Golden Ring: Rostov (full name Rostov the Great), Yaroslavl and Karabicha. This tour is designed to show you as much of the most interesting sights of the Golden Ring as possible, and yet, give you enough time to have an unforgettable holiday in Russia or even a weekend! A professional guide and private driver, who will accompany you at all times, will ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
First, you will visit the ancient Russian town of Rostov the Great, located on Lake Nero. It is the oldest city and dates back about a thousand years, although Lake Nero is many thousand years old. In 15 century, Rostov became a religious centre for the Moscow principality. You will see the 17th century Rostov Kremlin, that is considered to be one of the most remarkable constructions of the Golden Ring.
Once you reach the city of Yaroslavl you will be able to appreciate the World Heritage place situated on the Volga and Kotorosl crossing. Yaroslavl has some of the most magnificent monasteries and churches in Russia, boasting some of the country’s most beautiful frescoes and architectural “Yaroslavl type” churches (red brick and bright tiled exteriors).
Finally you will see the town Karabicha that is famous for the estate of Nekrasov.
Each of these towns are the real gems of Golden Ring–they are also referred to as the ‘Museums of Open Air.’ Cathedrals and churches, convents and fine art museums enhance their beauty. This Golden Ring Tour will give you a wonderful opportunity to acquaint yourself with the history of ancient Russians towns, their cultures and their traditions.

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