Uglich - Mishkin - Martinovo tour



If you have ever visited Moscow and/or St. Petersburg and did not know what else to see in Russia… then, try something new. Join our Golden Ring bus tour and collect unforgettable memories of historic Russian cities’ architectures and the way of life during medieval Russia. Russian Golden Ring tours are great any time. A tour gives you an excellent chance to see the old cities that were so important they even affected our history!

Once of such cities is Uglich. It used to be a border town of Moscow explaining why it was burned down by Tatars, Lithuanians, and the Grand Prince of Tver. It was also connected with Prince Dmitry where rumors that he was alive caused riots. Currently, the city is well-known for the extremely beautiful Alexeievsky and Resurrection Monasteries.

You may walk around the picturesque city of Mishkin, and visit the museum called Mouse Museum. There you will see a massive collections of mice, toys, sculptures and even see the Mouse Palace.

During this bus tour, you will be able to learn about historical points and also be present at a Martinovo peasants’ lunch. You will see the village wrapped in the atmosphere of previous centuries. This will help you to better familiarize yourself with Russian traditions .

The tour takes 2 days and will be an educational and entertaining way of spending your holidays in Russia.

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*We provide group tours for groups of different languages with a minimum of 10 people. If you wish to have your Golden Ring tour organized by us, we can also accommodate your personal wishes. Please, complete the form and let us know of your wishes or needs.


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