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Our name is "Country of Tourism" Ltd. We are a tour operator that specializes in russian combat jet flights, space holidays, extreme tours, and traditional cultural tours in Russia.

Let's start, first of all, with flights in MiG-29 in MiG-31 jet fighters, as well as SU jet fighters. For more than four years we have arranged and organized tours using these remarkable aircraft. What we are very proud of, is the fact that it is only through our company, that anyone can fly in these aircraft. These planes are not obsolete, they are still on active duty in many countries of the world. We have the Official Rights, licensed by Sokol Airbase, near Nizhny Novgorod, to offer these flights to customers from any country.

For the moment we performed more then 120 flights at Sokol airbase in 4 years period.

As a result of our joint work with Sokol airbase our flight to the Edge of Space entered the TOP-10 OF WORLDWIDE ADVENTURES, according to rating of World Touristic Association!