Flight Training in L-39

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Flying lessons l-39
Flight training l-39
Flight Training in L-39

A Flight Training and Lessons in an L-39 fighter jet

Flying jet planes has become not only a hobby, but to some people, the necessity. Over the last 30 years or so, it has been possible for civilian pilots to purchase their own jet aircraft. Of course, not all of us can afford such an item, but many have been able to buy their own aeroplane. Many of our tourists are pilots who, wish to get an extra couple of hours flying in, when their busy schedule has often prevented it.

Flight training to become a jet pilot can be described as difficult and an expensive process, but of those who decide and go through the training programme, becoming a pilot gives you both theoretical and practical skills and a knowledge which will allow you to pilot a variety of other jet aircraft.

Our company "Space Tourism" can organize training for learner pilots who cannot, yet, fly as well as for skilled pilots who wish to raise their flight qualifications. Training or increasing of flight qualification take place at the Vjazemsky Aeroclub using the L-39 trainer-jet with assistance of Russia’s best pilots from the "Russ" Aerobatic Team.

Training to fly in L-39 can be either individual or in small groups.

You will have your personal instructor who will provide daily theoretical and practical exercises in the air. In order to pilot the plane by yourself, you must have a minimum number of flying hours not less than 15 hours.

The minimum number of flying hours (training) should be 42 hours to have sufficient and reliable control of the aircraft.

The training schedule is individually made for each tourist taking into account his business type.

Usually the training course takes 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the course intensity and the trainee's abilities.

We will provide all tourist services during this time – comfortable hotel accommodations with meals near the training center. You will be driven from hotel and back every day during your training course. We will help to diversify your free time (hunting, fishing and many other interesting activities).

During your flight training, we also can organize interesting tours in Moscow, according your preferences and interests. If you want you will be able to take vacation and go home during flight training.

If you want to have your flight training in Russia, please contact us and we will let you know the costs.

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