L-39 Flight Tour

L-39 Flight Tour
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L-39 and L-29 jet flights

We, "Country of Space Tourism" offer you an experience of the thrills of flying in a jet fighter, not far from Moscow, where you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Russia. We invite you to be a guest of world best... "Russ" Aerobatics Team, in their home aerodrome in the Vyazma Aero Club. They will be very hospitablle. These high class pilots will give you a ride in L-39 fighter jet. You will not only go up to the sky, but also experience some advanced aerobatics.

The L-39 "Albatross" fighter jet is a great aircraft to take a joyride in. Having more power than any piston engine aircraft, it is made for maximum maneuverability and flight experience. The L-39 "Albatros" is used as a training aircraft, and both the instructor and the trainee (that is, you) will have a fully-equipped cockpit and a fantastic view. Thanks to its short, straight wings, the L-39 can perform aerobatics maneuvers and push up to +8 / -4 G. Even if it doesn’t go supersonic, it's great value for money and a thrill you’ll never forget.

Prices and programs of L-29 flights:

Aerobatics 20 minutes - 900 euro
Aerobatics 30 minutes - 1500 euro
Aerobatics 40-45 minutes - 2000 euro

Prices and programs of L-39 flights:

Aerobatics 20 minutes - 1200 euro
Aerobatics 30 minutes - 1800 euro
Aerobatics 40-45 minutes - 2500 euro

You will receive a bunch of lasting impressions from your flight and, if you wish, your own piloting experience! The highly skilled instructor will give you a chance to control the fighter jet yourself, under his supervision.

If you decide to spend the weekend with your friends, we believe they will not be bored while you fly in L-39. They can watch your flight and the training program of the "Russ" Aerobatics Team from the observation deck. That is truly awesome!

Our company is really experienced in the organization of these flights. The flight in the L-39 is absolutely safe. There are not any special medical requirements for having this flight. The aerobatics program will be performed only according your health conditions.

L-39 and L-29 jet flights Video:

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