Centrifuge Training Tour

Centrifuge tour
Centrifuge TsF-18

We are offering to you a great opportunity to see and feel all the power of the world's biggest Centrifuge TsF- 18. The TsF-18 Centrifuge program is an important part of cosmonauts (astronauts) and military pilots training programs and even for space equipment testing. This training helps to prepare cosmonauts to conditions of both high G-loads and "physiological weightlessness." You would have the opportunity to feel exactly the same way as cosmonaut does during launch, flight and landing. Whereas the centrifuge simulates a maximum of 30-Gs you will experience up to only about 4-Gs. You can take a look at our video to get a comlete picture of this experience.

This short centrifuge test (540 sec) will show how your body would survive in extreme conditions. It is the only real way to fully prove your readiness to go to outer space. The unequalled TsF-18 Centrifuge with moving cab is used not only for simulating G-load on the Earth, but also as a medical laboratory. The medical scanning of body conditions during high-G flight helps to prevent or reduce bone decalcification and muscle atrophy that affect individuals exposed to long periods of freefall.

Our Centrifuge training can be an highly unique gift for your friends, colleagues and clients.

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Video about Medical Check before Centrifuge Training:

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