Tour to Baikonur cosmodrome 2021

Photo near Soyuz
Launch of rocket in International Space School
Soyuz Launch
Roll out of spaceship Soyuz
First Manned Space Launch at night
Proton launchpad
Energia - Buran bunker and control center
Cosmonauts going to report for chairman

Baikonur Launch Tour

01- 06 of October, 2021!

Next manned rocket Launches are scheduled on

05 of October, 2021

We have started to collect the group for Manned Space Flight

Join us and you will never regret!

We are a tour operator that specializes in Aviation and Space tourism in Russia. We provide Tours in Baikonur Cosmodrome more than 5 years. We are a full service travel company together with Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos) and our partners in Baikonur are continuously striving to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and interesting Tour in Baikonur that it is possible to buy from Russia. Our tourists already enjoyed Tour of Baikonur and you can read Real Impressions.

Imagine all the excitement, joy, impatience, etc., which goes on at the Cosmodrome just before a space launch. Would you want to be there and experience it? Not on TV but in reality… first-hand? There are not many places in the world where you can experience this type of drama. We offer you the chance of visiting the legendary Russian cosmodrome at "Baikonur," in Kazhakhztan, where the history of space exploration started many years ago. The first satellite in the world, "Sputnik," was launched in 1957, from Cosmodrome Baikonur and since the first manned space flight of Yuri A. Gagarin on 12th April 1961, there have been over 1,200 spacecraft launched from here.

Cosmodrome Baikonur is the biggest Cosmodrome in the world, it covers 6 717 square km. It is high technology complex which is used for all types of rockets' launches. We offer you two programs of Tour to Baikonour:

The first program:

The first program is Tour to Baikonur during the Launch of Manned Space Flight. We give you the opportunity of standing only 5 meters from the Soyuz rocket, when the great doors of the Baikonur Cosmodrome Soyuz integration hall, open and the space rocket is being transported on a special track to the Gagarinksy launch pad, which is 2 kilometers away. You will see the bravest people in the world – the Cosmonauts, who are ready to leave the Earth and fly away to the unknown stars. Just think where you would be standing when rocket blasts off from only 2 km in away! Who knows, maybe the next flight would be with you on board! Please see the Itinerary of this trip.

Price per person for Baikonur tour is 4200 Euro.

The second program:

The second program is Tour to Baikonur during the Launch of Cargo Space Flight. The Cargo Launches are organized more often than manned space flights and they are worth to see them too! Proton space rocket is in 5 times more powerful than Soyuz rocket. You will stand 3 km in away from Proton launch pad and feel the earth quake during the launch of the most successful heavy boosters in the history of spaceflight.

Space technologists and historians would accompany you around the clock on your trip. Locally, specialists would be right beside you, who would field your difficult questions. We are sure that this experience would be one you would never forget. It could be a fantastic present for someone you wish to impress.

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