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MiG-29 Edge of Space and Aerobatics Flight
Daniil R
(translated from German) Thank all staff from the Sokol plant and Country of Tourism!!! The flight was a great experience!!! The MiG-29 is and will be the most beautiful plane!!! 21 km. altitude and...
Anne-Marie Corley
From camel rides to lunch in the rocket assembly building, the tour to Baikonur was filled with "firsts"! The launch was beautiful, and the excursions with experienced guides one-of-a-kind. I'm glad...
Tourist with the pilot near MiG-29
Colin Jobbins
Ever since I was a child I wanted to fly in a military fighter but I never thought I would get the opportunity. After some research I discovered the company “Country of Tourism, Ltd” (BestRussianTour...
Tank rides in Russia - T-34
Turkish guests
Hello our friends! We are just back from Russia. Among other activities there we had a chance to try amazing Tank Rides! We have to admit that everything was cool, we really enjoyed it. We tried 2...
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Alexander Diveev
I performed a flight in MiG-29 on February 24, 2011 on my birthday. During the flight, I received the maximum emotions and really felt what 8,5 G and complex of aerobatics means. I express my ...
L-39 Flight
Rodrigo and Rogerio
It was a great day and a great flight! We were very impressed by the professionalism of the pilots who made our flights incredible! In spite of cold Russian winter and hard snowing everything was...
Im Kubinka Museum, Adam Moerser
Beat Franz Z.
Der Museumbesuch war sehr interessant, auch die Führung und Geschichten der verschiedenen Panzer waren Perfekt!
Sébastien Savage and the legendary cosmonaut Grechko
Sebastien Sauvage
For a long time, and already very young, my glance to décoler concerned to this unknown endroi in clairvoyant(light) les Soyouz, a destination was not indicated on cards(maps): Baikonour. Grace to...
Together with fighter jet pilot of MiG-29
Luis Tapajos
November 22, 2010
Dear Skydivers! I've been jumping since 1985, have thousands of jumps in 35 countries and 5 continents. Today I had a MIG-29 flight. That was fore sure one of the best experience of my life! I...
Before fighter jet flight MiG-29
Edgardo Arcuri
1st of November
It has been a dream of mine in my life that became true in November 2010! Since I was a child I have imagined flying a real jet fighter and experiencing aerobatics inside from within its cockpit. I...
Im Raumschiffkapsel
Bernhard Lorenz
Hallo Michael Die Reise war gut organisiert und Dank Deiner guten Deutschkenntnisse war die Tour auch für mich ein tolles Erlebnis. Seit ich mich für die Raumfahrt interesiere, hatte ich den Wunsch...
Novodevichy Monastery
Tom Sharrard
Despite the bitterly cold weather the tour guide was extremely helpful and knowledgable and the sights were very interesting. Moscow is a beautiful city with lovely people and I would definitely...
Moskau bei Nacht für 10 Personen aus Österreich
Heike und Kurt Zangerl
Hallo Herr Gorbachew, wir sind gut angekommen. Es hat uns in Moskau sehr gut gefallen. Wir waren sehr beeindruckt von Ihrer Stadt. Die Führungen mit Ihnen und Evgenij waren zu unserer vollsten...
Near Russian Fighter Jet MiG-29
Pellascio Floriano Pietro
My dream was done!!! I would like to thanks everybody at "Country of Tourism" travel agency for perfect organization of my tour and flight and special thanks to the pilot "Great Sergey Kara"....
Johannes K
Sehr schönes Museum mit überraschenden Panzern. Gute Führung mit einer sehr professionellen Übersetzung. Johannes K 21.10.2010
Kreml bei Nacht, Moskau Stadtrundfahrt
Sehr geehrter Herr Gorbachew, besten Dank für Ihre Zeilen. Ja unsere Tage in Moskau waren ein sehr schöner, wenn auch kurzer Aufenthalt. Der Empfang und die von Ihnen gewährte Unterstützung am...
Our tourists on the Red Square in Moscow
Paul Trunoff
What I would really like to do is take this opportunity to thank you (and Alex the driver) for looking after so well in Moscow. The hotel was excellent and the trip to Red Square and Arbat street...
In the cockpit of Buran
Dawid Aleksandrovicz
I have to say that I am overall happy with the tour. The launch was great and I would like to attend another one in the future as well (this time the cargo one). As for the guides, they did a good...
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