Fly in MiG's jet fighters
For more than 6 years we organize and provide flights for tourists in MiG-29 fighter jet at Sokol Airbase in Russia. The flight to stratosphere (Edge of Space) in MiG-29 was awarded into Top-10 world's adventures in 2009. Our test pilots of MiG-29 will make Top gunski sort of aerobatics and your flight in MiG-29 will stay in memory forever!!
Space Adventures
Space tourism gains more popularity. You can try our space training simulators in Star City and test unique Centrifuge or Hydrolab imitating space conditions. Zero-G flight in Il-76 will not leave you cold. You can feel yourself a real cosmonaut having Suborbital flight training or observe the space shuttle launch at Baikonur.
Incredible Adventures
A lot people prefer not ordinary vacation and wish to see unusual places of the world. The tour to the Pole of Cold with the extreme temperatures (- 89.2 C), the expedition to North Pole, tours to Kamchatka, most world's beautiful lake Baikal and others will make your life colorful and different, open new possibilities.
Trips - Moscow & St.Petersburg
Every country has its own peculiarities and traditions. Russia is a mystery for a lot of foreigners. Our specially organized tours to Moscow and Saint Petersburg sights as well as antique cities of Golden ring will enrich your eyesight and help you to know better its rich history, culture and wonderful nature.
Daily Tours in Moscow
No matter what the aim of your stay in Moscow is there is always room for relaxation and sightseeing. One can find something interesting here - Red square, Kremlin, Star City and others. Such great variety is to help you to observe Moscow from the car or bus, on foot, in a boat or even from the birds-eye view.
Visa to Russia
For entering on territory of Russia Federation, persons of most foreign countries should get a visa.One of the most important document which you need for getting Russian visa is an Invitation Letter. We can give you a consultation about visa requirements in Russia and execute tourist or business invitation for the relevant visa.





Military Adventures

We are providing a huge spectrum of active military trips and military excursions. You can try different military training, play military games and see a lot of military museums. Among them there are tank museum in Kubinka, Monino museum of Air Forces, Central Museum of Armed Forces and others that are possible to attend.

Unforgettable Tours

If you are not the first time in Moscow or simply wish to attend something run-off-the-mill, our company provides extraordinary excursions in Moscow. Here you can try everything starting with champagne bath and dinner on the skyscraper to steam train ride and visiting of the museum at submarine, flight in seaplane.

Hunting and Fishing

Russia is a unique country for those who are interested in hunting and fishing. We are providing the places for hunting in fishing in different regions of Russian depending on your requests. You can try also some unusual types of hunting such as traditional fox hunting and falconry as well as others.


The essential part of every tour is a comfortable and cozy hotel. We are offering the hotels in any city of Russia and the category of them will be suitable for any of your wishes. We are providing 2-5 star hotels that has high qualified staff, relevant service, comfort and of course best traditions of Russian cuisine.

Travel Service

For those who wish to use our additional services we are glad to provide you guide-interpreter or professional translator service during your stay in Russia for business meetings, conferences, and tours, as well as chauffeur driven cars of any category, transportation to/from airports, transportation to any part of the city.

Useful information

This section gives detailed information about Russia as a place for visit and some handy tips. This information is very useful. Here you will find some dos and donts, understand better 'Russian spirit' traditions, rules and laws. If you plan to arrive in Russian, please, read this section carefully.