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Working visa to Russia. Obtaining working visa. Documents for obtaining working visa to Russia. Work invitation to Russia for obtaining multiple working visa.

Foreign citizens obtain working visa to Russia and permission for work on the basis of work invitation.

The period of staying in Russia while having working visa is 3 years.

The period of procedure is 30 days.

The documents needed for getting work invitation is minimal:
- a copy of the passport of the foreigner, a page with a photo (apostiled translation or with notarization);
- a copy of diploma (apostiled translation or with notarization);
- 4 photos 3*4 opaque coloured;
- The full address of living the foreigner in the country of staying.

The price for obtaining work invitation is 1900 euro.
The price for the migration-dangerous countries is on request.

Making working invitation for obtaining working visa for 3 years has advantages:
- Possibility of staying in Russia during 3 years without leaving;
- Possibility of multiple entries to Russia during 3 years.

Making working invitation for working visa also means registration and making work permission for the foreigner.

We invite to cooperate Travel Agencies and Partners from all the countries.

Agency comissions - 10%.

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The cost of Russian visa support for a tourist invitation:

Category and type of visa Number of entries and time period Period of procedure The price of tourist Invitation letter execution, Euro
one entry up 30 days 1 working day 30
two entries up 30 days 1 working day 40
Registration - 1 working day _

The cost for Business Invitation letters to Russia for foreigners:

Business Invitation letters for foreigners from EU countries and USA

Category and type of visa Number of entries and time period Period of procedure The price of tourist Invitation letter execution, Euro
Common business visa With one entry (1 month) 1 working day 50
Common business visa With one entry (3months) 1 working day 60
Common business visa With 2 entries (1 month) 1 working day 50
Common business visa With 2 entries (3 months) 1 working day 70
Common business visa Multiple (3 months) 1 working day 80
Common business visa Multiple (6 months) 1 working day 100
Common business visa Multiple (12 months) 1 working day 130

It is important to know! Our company specialists can execute multiple visas for a term of 2 or 5 years for you if you used one-year multiple visa during the previous two-year period.

Special offer for the citizens of the USA!

Making Business Invitation for 1 year during 1 working day, the price is 150 USD.
Making Business Invitation for 3 years during 1 working day, the price is 235 USD.

The cost for Business Invitation letters on FMSD form for foreigners from other countries

We can make the invitation during the shortest period of time. If you have any questions, please, ask our managers.

Category and type of visa Number of entries and time period Period of procedure The price of tourist Invitation letter execution, Euro
Common business visa With one entry (1 month) not more than 30 days 120
Common business visa With one entry (3months) not more than 30 days 130
Common business visa With 2 entries (1 month) not more than 30 days 135
Common business visa With 2 entries (3 months) not more than 30 days 140
Common business visa Multiple (3 months) not more than 30 days 150
Common business visa Multiple (6 months) not more than 30 days 190
Common business visa Multiple (12 months) not more than 30 days 300

N.B. The total duration of stay of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation on the multiple visa cannot exceed 90 days during each period of 180 days.

Multiple Business Visa is given to foreigners who at least once obtained a visa to Russia during the previous year.

General Information

For entering on territory of Russia Federation, persons of most foreign countries should get a visa.In russia visa is obligarory document for your coming. There are special visa's requirements for receiving Russian visa. One of the most important document which you need for getting Russian Federation visa is an Invitation letter. The form of this document is official and strictly regulated. For obtaining Russian visa it is not necessary to get this letter in all cases but in majority situation for getting visa to Russia you need form Invitation letter. The situation when you don't need this letter for receiving visa to Russia is if you apply for transit Russian visa.

This document is obligatory to have for visitors who are going to Russia with the purpose of business, traveling, visiting relatives and friends, and studying.

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Who can send Invitation letters?

According to the migratory legislation, a private person or juridical person may invite the foreigners in Russia. A private person can send an Invitation letter to visitors who has a purpose to visit friends and relatives or has another personal goals. In other cases the Invitation letter for obtaining visa for Russia should be send by juridical persons. In Russia visas can be issue only if you have Invitation letter.

For business visitors the invitation letter is executed by the receiving company, institution and so on.

If the main purpose is travel and tourist bought a tour-package in this case his travel agency in cooperation with our tour operators organize the full Russian visa services. And after getting your invitation letter you can apply for visa to Russia.

The execution of Invitation letter for a foreign citizen
Invitation letters for foreign citizens are executed via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and this procedure is too complex for a private person or even non-specialized company to carry out on their own.

It means that if you try to execute Invitation letters for foreigners by yourself, you most likely spoil everything. And in this case Russian Embassy doesn't give visa to foreign citizen.In Russia visa is not easy to get if you are a amateur.

That is why is necessary to deal with professionals for whom the execution of invitation letter to Russia is daily work. Specialized companies without problems can execute Invitation letters to foreigners in short terms and in the best quality.

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Why should you choose us?

We are the team of professionals, we provide high-class Russian visa services. We also provide visa information to Russia for US citizens, European citizens and others. Our company has accreditation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it means that we can issue Invitation letter without any problems.

We can give you a consultation about visa requirements in Russia and help in various difficult situations.

Our company “Space Tourism” has an individual approach for every client. Besides that we have a good reputation in the sphere of incoming tourism.

Instead of spending your nerves and time call to professionals, and we will help to solve your problems. We will help you to obtain your visa to Russia.

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What do we offer?

Our company is specialized in execution of Invitation letters for foreigners who wish to get a Russian visa of any type. We are taking all responsibilities for inviting foreign citizens from all over the world. You obtain your invitation letter as soon as possible and after that you just need to get Russian visa application in Russian embassy of your country and after you will get in russian embassy your visa.
We help to execute Invitation letters for foreigners to obtain single-entry visa to Russia and multiple-visa to Russia.

Our Invitation letters help to get Russian visa to all citizens of any country with which Russian Federation has a diplomatic relations. In Russian embassy your visa will be made from several days to several weeks depends on your country and busyness of embassy. If foreign citizen in Russian Embassy obtains his visa, he is allowed to entry to Russia and stay here during certain time.

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How can you pay?

You can choose follow ways of payments:

  • by credit card (Visa, Master Card) on our website
  • by system Pay Pal
  • by International Cash Remittance (Western Union, Money Gram)
  • by bank transfer

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Important Information

Tourist and Business Invitation letters for foreigners from migratory-dangerous countries to Russia are executed only under the contract with juridical persons of Russia. Otherwise you should understand that Russian embassy doesn't give you visa.

Additional payment for executing Tourist Invitation letter (tourist voucher) for citizens from migratory-dangerous countries is 25 euro.

Additional payment for executing Business Invitation letter (Business Visa to Russia) for citizens from migratory-dangerous countries is 50 euro.

The cost of executing an Invitation letter does not cover sending of the original of Invitation letter to a foreigner outside of Russia. The payment for sending the original is made additionally, depending on the address of sending.

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Types of Russian visas

In Russia visas divided into different types. There are different types of Russian visa, depends on your purpose and terms of visit you can apply for next types of Russian visas:

Russian tourist visa/Russian travel visa

Russia tourist visa is issued for those travelers who have a tourist purpose for coming in Russia . This type of visa is the most widespread among all types of Russian visas. It is more easier to get Russia Federation visa application. Tourist visa is easier to receiving and cheaper than others.

A Russian travel visa is valid for up to 1 month and divided into two types: first type gives you a permission to visit Russia once, second permit you to come twice. Russia tourist visa cannot be prolonged. To obtain this type of visa, travelers should confirm reservation of accommodation from hotel, travel agency or other company authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russian business visa

Russia business visa is issued for visitors who come to Russia with different business purposes.Russia Business visa divided into single-entry visa, double-entry and multiple-entry. Single-entry and double-entry visas have a valid period for 1 or 3 months. Multiple-entry visa has a valid period for 3, 6 or 12 months.

To obtain a Russian business visa, visitors need a business invitation letter. This letter is issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry, by its regional representatives or you can receive it through companies which have a accreditation in Russian Foreign Ministry.

Business visas are convenient for non-business purposes too. Is recommended in case visitor is going to visit Russia more than once within a certain period of time.

Russian visitor's visa

Russia visitor's visa is issued for visitors who have a main purpose to visit friends or relatives. Valid period of this visa is from one day to three months. Visitor's visa is not multiply.

To obtain a visitor's Russian Federation visa it's necessary to receive a invitation from your Russian friends or relatives, issued by the local department of Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Russian Student Visa

A Student Visa is issued to visitors who have a purpose to study in Russian Universities, Institutes, Colleges and etc. Valid period of this type of visa is during of your study program.

For obtaining this type of visa is necessary to get invitation from your future place of study.

Russian Transit Visa

This type of visa is necessary for travelers which purpose is visiting of other country and which are staying on the territory Russia Federation in the period of time no longer than 72 hours. Transit visa can be single-entry or double-entry.

For obtain this type of visa you need the copy of your visa of country of destination. This visa are not necessary if you stay at Russia less than 24 hours and don't leave international airport.

Russian Cruise Visa

Cruise ship passengers have a opportunity to visit Russia on visa-waiver scheme if the stop in the port is no more than 72 hours and tourists stay overnight on cruise ship.

Cruise passengers cannot receive visas in Russia. Russian Cruise Visa should be issued in the country of residence before your cruise if you had planned to disembark in Russia.

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How to read your Russian visa?

When you get your visa it is necessary to check all information and try to prevent errors if you found them. Pay your attention on number of entries and date of validity, this information is very important for your unobstructed coming to Russia.

russian visa

  1. Entries
    This field contains information about number of entries to Russia. There are three kind of entries:
    • однократная – Single entry
    • двукратная – Double entry
    • многократная – Multiple entry
  2. Date of issue
    The field contains the date when your Russian visa was issued. The following format is used dd. mm. yyyy.
  3. Nationality
    USA, Great Britain and so on.
  4. Date of validity
    The field gives you information about the period of validity of your visa.
  5. Type
    Special code is determined a type of your visa.
  6. Family name, given name
    Your first name and your surname.
  7. Date of birth
    This field contains the date of your birth in the following format dd. mm. yyyy.
  8. Sex
    МУЖ — Male, ЖЕН – Female
  9. Passport #
    Passport number as in your original passport
  10. Visa ID
    This number shows a visa identification number provided by the Russian Consulate.
  11. Invitation #
    This is a Russian visa invitation number. This entry is only for business visas and left blank for tourist visas.
  12. Purpose of entry
    This type shows the purpose of your visit.
  13. Invited by, reference and group #
    This field contains Reference Number for Official Registration Organization.

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