Air Defense History Museum


Air Defense History Museum is situated in the beautiful forest area near to picturesque lake not far from Moscow ring road. It is the only museum of Air Defense armies in Europe. The collection of a museum of Air Defense History Museum is more than 16 thousand exhibits, 400 of them are real samples of combat vehicles and arms which were used in real war battles. During the tour in the museum you will know a lot of unknown facts about Russian Air defense History. The exhibition will tell you not only about contribution of Air Defense armies in USSR's victory in World War II but in role of it in various local conflicts in different parts of the world.

The newest exposition of a museum tells you about Air Defense Army activities in protection Russia from possible aerospace attack in nowadays. You will get the information according activity of variety of the defensive enterprises, such as "Almaz", "Fakel", "Agat" and "Fazotron" which became not a top state secret not many years ago.

If you wish you can make a photo near S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system, having taken a place of the marksman of the antiaircraft machine gun charging the tools. Or you can try on the pilot suit and have a picture inside of cockpit of MiG-23.

The museum exposition occupies the two floors museum building and open space area and shows all steps of Russian Air Defense creation and development.

The first hall of an exposition of a museum is devoted history of Air Defense Army during the period from December, 1914 till September, 1945. The exposition keeps the spirit of past.

The exposition of the second hall is devoted development of Air Defense Army from post-war period and up to now.

The samples of combat vehicles of different time periods are represented in open area of museum. The collection of museum is still growing.

The company the Tourism Country offers tours to Air Defense History Museum.

The museum is opened for visiting daily from 10:00 till 13:00 and from 14:00 till 17:00, on Friday from 9:00 till 13:00. The days off: Monday and Tuesday.

Price per person in EURO

1person 2 persons 3-4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people 10-12 people 13-16 people
235 euro 125 euro 95 euro 62 euro 47 euro 41 euro 36 euro

Tour takes approximately 5 hours.

Air Defense History Museum Tour program includes:

  1. Permission to visit Museum;
  2. Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  3. Museum guide;
  4. Tour in the museum;
  5. Transportation to museum (25 km outside of Moscow).

N.B. - We can arrange tour for bigger group by request.

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