Information notice for the tourists

Dear tourists, we are informing you about the change of the dates of our space adventures, scheduled tours for the Baikonur spaceport, Vostochny and Flights in Zero-Gravity conditions of the airplane IL-76 MDK in the April of 2020, as well as flights on the jets L-39 Albatross.

Considering the worsening situation with the coronavirus in the whole world, which leads to the closure of borders and the introduction of the regime of self-isolation for every person in Russia till the 30th of April, 2020, the dates of the planned tours and flights are to be postponed. 

The dates of the Baikonur tours are moved for the following period of times:

 21st till the 24th of July, 2020 -  tour to witness the launch of the cargo carrier spacecraft Progress MS-14; 

10th till 15th of October, 2020 - tour to witness launch of manned spacecrafract Soyuz - MS 17 СОЮЗ МС-17» (with spacecrew on board).

  • Please contact our managers using the provided phone number and e-mail considering the reissuance of the trip package and participance in the postponed tours. In order to participate in the tour please apply at least one month before before the date of the launch.
  • Due to the postponement of the launch of a spaceship from the spaceport Vostochny Date, the new date of the launch has not been set at the moment. Please, follow the news on our website or check the information by contacting our managers with the provided phone numbers and e-mails.
  • Dates of the flights in Zero-Gravity conditions on the IL-76 MDK airplane for the combined group of tourists are postponed until the 27-28th of August, 2020. You can check all the required information using the phone number provided on the website:
  • The renewal of the flights on fighter jets L-29 Dolphin and L-39 Albatross is planned to commence from the 30th of May, 2020. To book a flight please contact our managers using the phone numbers provided on our web page.