FAQ about our military aircraft

What type of a Russian aircraft is the most famous in the world?

All Russian aircrafts are world famous. But the most popular Russian aircrafts are MIG – 29 and SU-27 – the aircrafts of Russian Air Forces aerobatic teams "Strizhi" and "Russian knights".

At all main world air shows you can see the great aerobatic maneuvers of Russian military jets. Also it’s a fact, that MIG-29 is a most exported Russian aircraft flying in the air forces of 80 countries. You can try the flight experience on most famous Russian aircraft MIG-29 with us !!!

Does Sokol aviation plant produce only Russian military aircrafts or it also produced Russian light aircrafts for civil use?

Of course, the manufacturing of Russian military aircrafts is the core competence of Sokol. But the product range of the factory also includes some civilian products like M101T Russian light turboprop aircrafts, Volga 2 hydro boat, Russian light aircraft Excalibur for aerobatic and the new YAK-130 Russian fighter combat trainer aircraft. YAK – 130 is the new generation Russian fighter aircraft mostly related for training of the pilots for the air forces. M 101T is a Russian light aircraft for corporate and business flights and also a trainer for airlines civilian pilots.

MIG-29 is a Russian stealth aircraft or not?

No. MIG-29 is not a Russian stealth aircraft. MIG–29 is a light combat fighter mostly used for air battles on a short distance with great aerobatic qualities. It's not necessary for MIG-29 to be a Russian stealth aircraft. The MIG-29 is equipped by strong radar for long distance viewing of the targets and it's rockets can follow the targets after shoot. In the past it was a experimental version of MIG Russian stealth aircraft, but it was not put to serial production.

Does MIG-29 have only Russian aircraft hardware or also some from abroad?

All Russian aircrafts hardware is Russian made. In Russia there are special enterprises included in Russian aircraft hardware corporation, responsible for design and manufacturing of the aircraft hardware. MIG-29 is also a jet fully equipped by Russian Hardware Corporation. For export versions only some software is exported in Russia.

Can I fly in Sokol on a Russian bomber aircraft?

Sorry, but not. Sokol is the only company in Russia, officially authorized to fly with tourists, but only in MIG fighters. Sokol aviation plant is not a manufacture of the Russian bomber aircrafts and not use them for flights. Russian bomber aircrafts flying only in the Russian Air Forces, but due to security reasons it’s prohibited for private customers.

Who are the main Russian aircrafts engine manufactures?

In Russia we have some special design and manufacturing facilities for Russian aircraft engines manufacturing. Among the military Russian aircrafts engines manufactures are Klimov and Krasny Octyabr in Saint-Petersburg, responsible for RD-33 engines for MIG-29 and Chernyshev engine enterprise in Moscow for MIG-31 engines. NPO Saturn in Rybinsk is the manufacture of Sukhoi AL engines. Among the civilian Russian aircrafts engines manufactures the leaders are NPO Saturn with SAM-146 engine for Sukhoi Superjet and Perm Motors with PS-90 engines for Ilyushin airplanes.

Does Sokol plant was the manufacture of Russian aircrafts of WW 2?

Yes. Sokol plant (former plant # 21) was the leader in manufacturing of Russian aircrafts of WWII. The world famous Russian aircrafts of WW 2 of designer Lavochkin (La-5 and La-7) were produced at Sokol. During WW 2 times every day Sokol manufactured 20 aircrafts!

You can learn more about the history of Russian aircrafts of WW II during visit of Sokol museum included in your MIG flight tour.

What is the latest Russian experimental aircraft of 5th generation?

Now there are two projects of Russian experimental aircraft for the future aircraft of 5th generation. The first Russian experimental aircraft is Sukhoi SU-35 in the range of a big combat jets. This aircraft is build on the base of Su-30, but with fully new equipment and weapon. In the range of light combat aircrafts the latest Russian experimental aircraft is MIG-35. This aircraft will be manufactured at Sokol plant – the legendary birthplace of MIGs and the place for your possible MIG flight.

Is it possible to transport two MIG-29 inside a Russian twin engine cargo aircraft?

No, because Russian twin engine cargo aircrafts are small for this. Only two types of Russian cargo aircrafts are using for MIGs transporting – 4 engines IL-76 and AN-124 RUSLAN. Sokol plant is using AN-124 for MIGs transporting outside Russia for export. Only some parts or sub-assemblies are transported by Russian twin engine cargo aircrafts like AN-74 and AN-24.

MIG-29 is still secret Russian aircraft?

Yes and no. Of course, the modified version for Russian Air Forces is top secret, but some versions are exported and also open for tourists flights at Sokol airbase. But in the time of a Soviet Union MIG-29 was the most secret Russian aircraft. Till now you need to receive the special security clearance to visit Sokol plant and it takes 45 days. If you will join our MIG flight tours – you will receive such pass and will fly on the legendary most secret Russian aircraft of the Soviet Air Forces.