Russian travel agency " Country of Space Tourism"

Our name is " Country of Space Tourism" . We are a Tour Operator that specializes in russian MiG-29 flights, Space Adventures, Extreme tours, and Traditional cultural tours in Russia.
We are a full service travel company and we are continuously striving to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and interesting tour that it is possible to buy from Russia. Our packages include such programmes, that satisfy many people as they are, but also, we provide for customized tours. This means that our organizers will take into consideration all of your wishes and we will do our level best to accommodate them. Russian travel agency works in tourist market as a tour operator of international and incoming tourism.

Due to this official status of our company all our clients are garanteed by Russian Goverment with a mandatory insurance covering amount of 500 000 USD for all types of touristic risks.

Let's start, first of all, with flights in MiG-29 jet fighters! For more than nine years we have arranged and organized tours using these remarkable aircraft. What we are very proud of, is the fact that it is only through our company, that anyone can fly in these aircraft. We have the Official Rights, licensed by Sokol Airbase, near Nizhny Novgorod, to offer thise MiG-29 flights to customers from any country.

For the moment we performed more then 290 flights at Sokol airbase in 10 years period.

In fact, there is only one place in the World where this type of flight can be purchased – at Sokol Airbase in Russia.
As a result of our joint work with Sokol airbase our flight to the Edge of Space entered the TOP-10 OF WORLDWIDE ADVENTURES, according to rating of World Touristic Association!

Because of our Experience, and the quality of what we have been able to produce, the authorities have allowed us to create an additional group of incredible Space Adventures. These adventures include programmes such as "Zero-Gravity" flight in an IL-76 jet. Our extreme centrifuge gives us an excellent opportunity to feel the stresses of what G-forces can do. Our HydraSpace Lab really does give the illusion of being out in space or even just suborbital flight, fully decked out in a space suit where we can also train our tourists to be ready for space flight to the International space Station or ISS.

One of the most difficult things for any potential tourist to accept, is the reliability of the tour company that offers the holidays. The owner of this company is, himself, a pilot, and fully understands the necessity of high-quality materials, plans, and the execution of those plans to maximize safety, and of course, as a travel company, realize the dreams of his customers. His experiences, his knowledge and his contacts as a fighter pilot, have allowed him, with his team, to build this very successful organization, that can really provide everything it claims. In a country such as Russia, with almost every person claiming to be a specialist in this or that or the other, without any documentation to back it up, makes it a very expensive job to properly market and convince potential tourists, that "Space Tourism" really is the right company to trust.

Our dynamic company has been and is involved in creating extremely interesting and highly unusual options in order to accommodate as many different types of customer as possible. Our ability to create tours for either one person, or groups of people, customizing for every possible choice, for both Russian and none-native Russian visitors is a task that very few travel agencies have ever undertaken successfully. Even though Russia is a very old country, Russia is very much a vibrant and new country with opportunities abounding in every direction, and on almost any subject. Russian people love the largeness of life, as demonstrated in their dances, their songs, and many of the buildings that have been built in the vast land. "Space Tourism" has been able to cater to any kind of tourist, humble or loud, not at all wealthy, as well as extremely rich. We pride ourselves on giving a high degree of comfort, where we take care of all your hotel accommodations, tour packages, transportation including air and rail tickets, lease cars, organization of business meetings and conferences and we can accommodate any of your wishes or special preferences.

In addition to the extreme and the unusual, we are a professional organizer of traditional trips inside Russia and we have been in this business for years. Our advantage for you, the potential tourist, is that we know our country and our customers thoroughly, as well as our ability to cater to many other non-native Russian speakers both in Europe as well as Asia and the Middle East. Our trips or daily tours can take you the length and breadth of our massive country, and even then, you would only be able to see a tiny portion of it. The transportation in our land includes, flights, rail trip, Road trip, boat trip, helicopter rides, hydrofoil trips, in temperatures that can almost boil lobsters, to some of the coldest temperatures on the planet, colder even than the North Pole!

One of the most gratifying things any tour operator craves, is for the tourist to have completed his trip, with a massive smile on his face, wishing that the tour could continue, or better, asking for when he can have a return trip! We are so fortunate, that a great many of our customer tourists, have already returned to us for "second helpings!" If you think that you have an idea of your own, that you would like to have turned into a tour or a trip, give us a call, and together, we’ll create a new experience. Our people are prepared and capable of doing just that.

So, when you think about the possibilities that exist for you to experience a little bit of life in the largest country in the world, think of "Country of Space Tourism" and you will never go wrong. We are here for you, with years of experience, with numerous extremely satisfied customers, and a variety of tours and trips that you would not exhaust in your life.

To get a confirmation of all of this words you can just visit the page of Impressions of our clients, who performed different tours with us and who really became our friends for rest of all life.

We are open for cooperation on the field of Sales of our programs with any agency from any country. If you want to be a part of our team and to become our partner - you welcome. Just write to us and we will follow with all cooperation terms. We will be glad to see the name of your company in Our Partners list.