North Pole Cruises Adventure

North Pole Exhibition
Pinguines in North Pole
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North Pole expedition
North Pole expedition
North Pole expedition
North Pole expedition
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Price is $ 28.695 for 1 person

Dates of tour:
8-20 of July 2018
19-31 of July 2018
30 of July - 11 of August 2018


North Pole Cruise in Icebraker

We do not know which would impress you more… the “50 Years of Victory” Icebreaker moving through the magnificent ice-pack or standing at the Top of the Earth!

Do not be afraid of the cold at the North Pole... your being at the World's Top will warm you up!

The ship's helicopter, on board, is a great opportunity to take different excursions from the icebreaker to places not attainable by overland (ice) types of transportation
The flight from the icebreaker is a must-do thing, to take truly magnificent and exclusive photographs.

You will be really impressed by the Arctic fauna, the exotic birds and the wonderful views!

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The North Pole – what is it? It's an exclusive place, where you can find no compass bearings North, East or West… every turn is a turn to South! Here, the stars never rise nor set and the North Star (Pole Star) is always at the top. Here, all meridians are joined together – a polar day and night are half a year each.

From very olden times, people have tried to get to the focal point of the Arctic – the North Pole.

Until recently, it was extremely difficult to impossible, but now, you can visit the North Pole in total comfort.

The biggest icebreaker, in the world, will transfer you to the 90 degrees North Point and you can combine these fantastic experiences, with the comfort of your cabin, restaurants, bars, pool and even a sauna!

You need only to join our North Pole Cruise and all the rest will be the responsibility of our professionals.

We do not need to know the reason for your trip, but we will know that you will be satisfied and have super memories.

Your trip to North Pole is really exclusive. Just few people have been to this destination and have seen the things you will see. The North Pole is the one of the most extreme routes and the most difficult point to visit. Even the number of visitors to the Antarctic is greater.

You will know that you will be one of a very few people who have visited the North Pole and your country flag will flutter by the only possible wind… the Southern Arctic wind.

The North Pole is located in the central part or heart of the Arctic Ocean. The water depth is more than 4000 meters (4 kilometres). Year round very massive icebergs drift here.The average winter temperature is -40ºC, and in the summer months it is close to 0ºC.

The low temperatures, high ice hills, ice water in a combination with unforgetable Arctic landscapes under the Polar sun — all this will impress you and you will love this place forether!

Your trip to the North Pole is one of unique tour in Russia and one of the best cruise experience in your life!

Discover the North Pole Cruises for you with our Polar Cruise and become a part of history!

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