Adventure to the Realm of Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger
Himalayan Black Bear
The Realm of Amur Tiger
Ussurisky Reserve
Far Eastern Marine Reserve


We will be glad to invite you to paradise of nature – Primorsky Krai, which is situated in the east part of Russia. Primorie with its exotic landscapes, variety of flora and fauna is ideal place for all who is interested in ecotourism. There are a few large and small cities in the southern part of the Primorsky Krai, but most of its territory is a vast arboretum. Some of these territories are set aside as national parks, most of them allowing visitation except for some areas that are set aside for scientific goals. Primorski Krai will satisfy inquiries all even the most exacting travelers. The hills with massive trees, magnificent waterfalls and mysterious caves will impress imagination of tourists.

The Adventure to the Realm of Amur Tiger is a great opportunity to see the rare wild animals in the place of its national habitat. We tried to include all most interesting places in this tour, so you could see whole variety of spices of this rich region such as Amur Tigers, Himalayan Black Bears, Far Eastern Leopard, Larga Seal Wales, False Killer Whales, Sea Lions and Seabirds. You will be able to see and make amazing pictures of all creatures in the Realm of Amur Tiger.

During this eco adventure we will visit Ussurisky Reserve, Khankaisky Reserve, Kedrovaya Pad Reserve and Far Eastern Marine Reserve. Each of these national parks has unique natural conditions, landscapes, and animal and plant worlds.
The professional naturalists will escort you during whole trip and they will be glad to share their knowledge with you. Kedrovaya Pad Reserve is the oldest national park in Russia which is situated not far from Vladivostok. Subtropical forests cover this national park. Himalayan Black Bears, Roe Deers and Leopard Cats live here. You will be able to see Ginseng, which is famous with its health stimulation abilities.
More to the south is the Pearl of Prirmorye, the Far Eastern Marine Preserve, a beautiful area well known for its shorebirds. You will be able to meet Wales, Seals and False Killer Whales here. Lake Khanka is well known for its variety of cranes and also close to the small private reserve for the Amur Tiger, overseen by Victor Yudin.

We will try to make this incredible wildlife adventure more comfortable for you and you will never regret that you join us. The itinerary of this tour you may see here.


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