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We tried to collect all frequently asked questions about the North Pole and give the complete answers. We hope that it will help you to know more about this interesting place in the world – North Pole and make decision to join our unforgettable North Pole Cruise Adventure.

1. How cold is in North Pole?

The interesting fact is that the North Pole is much warmer than the South Pole because it lies at the middle of an ocean (which keeps heat), rather than a continental land mass.

During the winter time temperatures at the North Pole can range from about -43C (-45F) to -26C (-15F), so the average temperature is -34C (-30F). During the summer time the temperature is 0C, 32F.

2. Is the North Pole located on a continent?

No, the North Pole is located in constantly shifting sea ice which is covered the middle of the Arctic Ocean.South Pole located on a continent and this fact describes the difference between North Pole weather and South pole weather. Continent is always much colder than water. North Pole represents the huge amount of pure ice and this ice cover absolutely the whole space of North Pole.

3. Who discovered the North Pole?

Who discovered the North Pole is still the point at issue. There are two men who reached the North Pole almost at the same time – Frederick Albert Cook (1908) and Robert Peary (1909). The scientific society considers Robert Peary as a first who reached the North Pole. However they both didn't provide the convincing proof of it. Actually the first scientific station was established near the North Pole only in 1937 by Russians expedition. However the first registered step on the North Pole was in 1948. The scientist Ivan Papanin and his expedition had begun an investigation of North Pole.

4. Who owns the North Pole?

Nobody owns the North Pole, it is situated in Exclusive Economic Zone of Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the United States. Nowadays the world prepares to reparation of the Arctic spaces. There are a lot of minerals on North Pole. There is a huge amount of oil and organic gas. Russia, USA and Denmark started their fight already. Denmark told that North Pole is located near the Greenland and it is mean that North Pole should be their, USA argued that the first man on North Pole was American and Russians just put boundary post on the North Pole.

5. When was the North Pole discovered?

Officially the date of North Pole discovery is April 6,1909 when Robert Peary with friends reached it. But these fact was challenged by Robert Peary who was assured scientific society that it was he who discovered the North Pole in 1909.

6. What animals lives in the North Pole?

There are several animals, such as Polar bears, jar seals and Arctic foxes, and birds, such as Snow Bunting, Northern Fulmar and Black-legged Kittiwake in North Pole. Only these animals can live in such strong and difficult conditions. Of course there is not plenty of animals but all types of animals who lives here is very impressive and unique.
You will be able to see all North Pole animals during our North Pole Cruise.

7. How to survive on the North Pole?

Before even venturing out into the cold you need to plan your outing and then execute that plan. Dressing up the right way is crucial. Layer, layer, layer. Only use natural or synthetic materials that breath. The reason for this is that you will perspire an having a cold wet layer next to your body can easily lead to frostbite. Wool and fleece are great for creating that thick air pocket layer in between. The outer layer needs to be water and wind resistant and still breath. Thick soled shoes will insulate from the ground. Felt booties are the best inside a boot, but if you have a modern hiking boot then, make sure you have room for a woolen sock and still room for blood to flow. If you are hit with a snow storm you need to stop, so that you do not get lost and make it virtually impossible for a rescue to be mounted. Tie a colored cloth outside to mark your location. It is strongly recommend trying to stay awake. If you fall a sleep you will not wake if hyperthermia kicks in and you will sleep longer than anticipated. If you feel a prickly pain in your extremities you can try moving a bit to increase circulation. If your extremities go numb, then you are in big trouble and should try to massage blood flow into them immediately until sensation returns.

As in any crisis situation try to stay calm and don't panic. Common sense is your best friend and if you panic all common sense tends be lost.

8. Where is the North Pole located?

North Pole is located in the central part of Arctic Ocean, where the sea depth is around 4,000 m. The shifting sea ice is covered this part of the Arctic Ocean during the whole year.

The North Pole is situated in the Northern hemisphere, about 700 km away of Greenland .It is diametrically opposite the South Pole.

The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole. It defines geodetic latitude 90° North, as well as the direction of True North.

9. What is colder the north or south pole?

The South Pole is much colder than North Pole. The average winter temperature in North Pole is -34C (-30F) and summer is 0 C (32F). In South Pole the average winter temperature is -26C (-15F) and average summer temperature is -57C (-71F)

10. Where is the north magnetic pole located?

North Magnetic Pole is now located in the north part of Canada. But the location of North Magnetic Pole changes for more than 40 meters per day. It was defined at 82.7°N 114.4°W in 2005. These fact can be very dangerous and unpredictable for our planet and human's life.

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