Russian Food

Russian food is very different and you can choose the best variant for you. We present you the main dishes, which are preferred by Russian people.

Soup is the favorite hot dishe of Russian people. There are many different kinds of Russian soups.

Shchi – is a cabbage soup, which is the most popular in Russian Federation. This soup is made with the sauerkraut or cabbage. You can also add meat to this soup, but also you can cook it only with the cabbage. Shchi, which is prepared with sauerkraut is called as sour shchi. Also in Russian Federation you can taste green shchi – if you visit Russia in summer. This kind of soup is cooked with fresh vegetables!

Borsch – is national Russian and Ukrainian first dish. Borsch is cooked with the meat or chicken broth in the basic and includes beetroot, which is the main ingredient. That why national dish of Russian Federation has so strong red color. You can taste this dish with or without sour-cream. Also you can eat it hot or cold.

Ukha – is a favorite dish of great amount of people, who prefer to eat fish. Ukha is a fish-soup, which can be cooked on the open fire or in the flat. There are a lot of great recipes how to cook ukha. You can taste ukha, which was prepared with the help of different kinds of fish. One of the best variant – to add one spoon of Russian national alcohol drink – vodka.

Second dishes in Russian Federation includes shashlyk, blini and pelmeni.

Pelmeni or dumplings are very popular in Russian Federation. This dish is cooked with chicken or meat. Also you can add eggs, flour, milk or water, potatoes and a lot of other ingredients if you want to do this.

Blini or pancakes is a national dish of Russia. They can be eaten with the sour-cream, honey, caviar, meat and with a lot of other products.

Shashlyk is a favorite dish of Russian people. It is prepared with a lot of meat, which is put with the onion for some hours and then is prepared on the open fire. It’s very tasty!