Tour to Russian village

Russian village
Family dinner in Russian village
Dogs in Russian village
Basement in a village house
Russian banya


There comes a time when you have to get away. The mundane seems to rule your life. The smells, the traffic, the lack of enjoyment in your routine. The hordes of people always pushing and bustling, leaving you with no peace… Give us chance to recharge your batteries!

We want you to join us on this pleasant relaxing tour of an authentic, rustic Russian Village. The real advantage to this is that you will be taken almost back in time, where you can converse with the local people, eat their types of food, perhaps, learn about Soviet times which you might not have known anything about.

One of the marvelous things about rural life is that there is no real pressure, nor bustle, no real deadline too adhere to, except making sure the animals are fed, or the milking is done properly, twice a day! Come and see how to milk a cow, see how the locals fish or simply add new recipes to your cuisine. If that is too much for you, then simply come with us to relax and do nothing!

It has often been said that a change is as good as a rest, but with us in this idyllic Russian village, you will have a rest as well as a change and that beats everything!

To read more about the tour to Russian village follow the link itinerary of the Russian village.

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