Tour to Khatyn - a monument to victims of Nazi terror. " Mound of Glory"

Memorial in Khatyn, Belarus
Eternal flame, memorial in Khatyn
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"Memorial Khatyn
Memorial Khatyn is located 60 km from Minsk on the site of burned together with the inhabitants Belarusian village of the same name. Khatyn is a monument to victims of Nazi terror in the occupied Belarusian land. You will see the streets of the village, walk past the obelisks where before there were houses and hear the plaintive sounds of bells.
There are events whose significance is not subject to run-time. The Second World War is one of them. Feat of the people in this war will forever remain in the memory of posterity.
The tragedy of the Belarusian people was part of the tragedy of all the inhabitants of Eastern Europe, whose fate was sealed even before the Great Patriotic War. Belarus was included into the sphere of living space of Germany. Since summer of 1941 on the territory of the republic the Nazis carried out crackdown against civilians turning neighborhoods into zone of entire deserts. During one such operation the village of Khatyn was destroyed together with its inhabitants. It was burned by a 118-m Ukrainian police squad, along with other punitive forces, in particular, the SS Battalion "Black Death", under the command Dirlewanger.
In memory of hundreds of similar villages in Belarus in January 1966 it was decided to create a memorial Khatyn. Belarusian architects Y.M. Gradov, V.P. Zankovich, L.I. Levin, a sculptor, S.I.Selikhanov and chief engineer V.P. Makarevich drafted a complex. It was opened in 1968-1969.
"Mound of Glory"
Tour "The Mount of Glory" tells about the liberation of Minsk and the whole Belarus in the summer of 1944. As a result of "Operation Bagration" Belarus was completely liberated, as well as the large part of Lithuania, part of Latvia, Ukraine and part of the Polish land to Vistula.
In memory of this operation and as a gratitude to the Army-liberator the Mound of Glory stands here at the Moscow highway.

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