Tour to an ancient Zaslavl - historical and archeological preserve

Ancient city of Zaslavl
Zaslavl - historical and archeological preserve


The trip to Zaslavl (24km from Minsk), one of those old towns, that are deeply enrooted into the history of Belarus. The excursion proposes a survey of the historical and archeological preserve and includes the sites of ancient town, "zamchishche" and the church, a visit to the Museum "The hut of ZAVOZNIK", the Mill, the Museum of tapestry and carpets and the Museum of folk musical instruments.
The earliest pages of the history of Zaslavl can hardly be read through the fairy mists of legends, which carry us to the X century. Proud princess of Polotsk Rogneda was exiled here with her son Izyaslav for the attempted murder of the Kievan prince Vladimir, her husband. In this town she adopted Christianity and founded the first Christian monastery in Eastern Europe. Now in Zaslavl there is the State Historical and Cultural Reserve of locking with preserved fortifications of XVI-XVII centuries., Ethnographic complex "Mlyn", a steam mill of the XIX., barn and miller of smithy. You can visit Holy Transfiguration Church - a monument of architecture XVI-early XVII centuries, where in the XVI century humanist, Protestant preacher Symon Budny read his sermons. You`ll visit the restored baroque church of St. Mary, built on the means of graphs Pshezdetskih in 1774. You will have the tour to the museum of musical instruments and museum of folk crafts, visit an exhibition of tapestry.

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Price includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  • Enterance fees;
  • Car provision;
  • Services of the driver.

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