Falconry Tour (3 days/4 nights)

Of all the many types of adventures you might have thought or dreamed about, did any of them include hunting with birds of prey? These powerful predators were used throughout history, to provide food for their owners, before they started to be used for sporting activities. Nowadays, their use is purely fun and recreational.

But… have you ever thought of trying something like Falconry, yourself, or was it really "only a dream?"

We have created a unique experience for our customers – “Russian Falconry.” Revived in the best Russian traditions, our Falconry Tour is planned for everyone wishing to try this recreational pastime of the tsars and to let you feel part of what it was like in previous centuries.

Falconry was considered to be the best and most useful amusement. Everybody from tsars and princes to nobility loved hunting. Moreover, it was a good exercise for young people to carry out, in either hot or cold weather. Also, they learned how to overcome difficulties, pluck up courage, improve dexterity and flexibility and increase their skills and mastery of weapons.

Russian nobility has always been very keen on Falconry since the 12th century.

That is why we created this incredible adventure just for you.

You will get to see, first hand, these beautiful birds perform and also, you will be among the first, in modern times, to participate in a genuine Russian falconry, since Ekaterina II! You will also have a unique opportunity to see beautiful Russian country-side, Russian landmarks and stay still on a natural reserve on the river bank, where you can feel at one with nature!

To read more about hunting, follow the Falconry itinerary link.

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