Tour to Baikonur

Monument of Soyuz spaceship. Baikonur
Tourists on verticalization of Soyuz spaceship
Verticalization of Soyuz spaceship
In Internation Space School
Kazakh Yurta in Museum of Baikonur City
Models of rockets in International Space School
Technical service tower of Proton spaceship. Proton launchpad
Spacesuite Orlan in Internation Space School
Photo inside model of  Soyuz spaceship

Tour to Baikonur Cosmodrome during Manned Space Launch
(6 days/5 nights)

Next manned rocket Launches will be

on 21st of March, 2018!
on 6th of June, 2018!

First Day

  • Meeting with representative of our company at the airport.
  • Check in to flight Moscow- Baikonur.
  • Flight from Moscow to Baikonur.
  • Arrival to airport of Baikonur ( Krayniy), passport control, meeting with representative of Baikonur.
  • Transfer to hotel. Check in. Free time.

Second day

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer to the launching Site No. 2
  • Baikonur spaceport museum tour, where you will see unique collection of exhibits such as personal belongings of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, Lunar globe, first artificial Earth satellite, Soyuz capsule, capsules for Belka and Strelka and others.
    Visiting “Buran” space vessel.
    Visiting of Gagarin and Korolev memorial houses.
  • Transfer to a hotel
  • Dinner break in a hotel’s canteen
  • Transfer to the Site No. 200 or Site No. 81
  • Visiting of a “Proton” launching facility
    From this Site a “Proton” cargo spacecraft launches into the space, which puts satellites in orbit and delivers new modules for ISS
  • Transfer to the Site No. 92A-50
  • Viewing of the “Proton” facility buildings from outside.
  • Transfer to a launching site Num. 250A
  • Viewing the “Energia-Buran” Processing facility from outside –
  • launching pad for a ship for “Buran” type spaceships lift off.
    From here the only one launch of a “Buran” spaceship was conducted.
  • Visiting the “Energia” control center.
  • Transfer to a “Saturn” launching site N. 23
  • Visiting the “Saturn” launching pad.
    This is a place for “Baikonur IP-5” measurement complex. It is the vital part of the testing and exploitation facility for the air and space vessels during its on-land preparations, putting into orbit and orbital spacecraft functioning.
  • Transfer to a hotel, free time, dinner (on your own)

Third day

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer to the launching pad n. 112
  • Watching the roll-out of the “Soyuz-FG” rocket carrier
  • Arrival to a crossing of the Gagarin Launching site
  • Watching the RKN “Soyuz-FG” transportation.
  • Transfer to the launching pad n. 1 (“Gagarin’s launching site”)
  • Visiting «Gagarin Launch», watching a carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” getting installed and verticalized from a safe distance, attending the monument of the first artificial Earth satellite.
  • Transfer to the Baikonur town
  • Lunch break in one of the town’s restaurant
  • Shopping time (souvenirs and town’s marketplace)
  • Transfer to a hotel, free time, dinner (by your own)

Fourth day

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Transfer to the Baikonur town
  • International Space School tour. Here you will receive unforgettable impressions of talking with School’s principal, its teachers and students. You watch a documentary movie in one of the classrooms, take photos in a “Orlan” space suit, visit a space capsule, etc. In addition you will be able to launch a model rocket by yourself!
  • Lunch at one of the town restaurants (by your own)
  • Sightseeing coach tour over the Baikonur town. Stops: public gardens, monuments, Gagarin’s gazebo, RN “Soyuz”, memorial in honor to perished Baikonur’s employees.
  • Attendance of the Church of the Saint George – the only one Orthodox church in Baikonur town, where you can see a unique icon of the Our Lady of Kazan that was taken to the space
  • Baikonur spaceport history museum tour. Here you can learn, how the Baikonur spaceport was founded, what were the challenges and the way ahead. You will also learn about people that were making history of renowned Baikonur spaceport: about scientists and designers, commanders and organizers of the industrial military complex of the Soviet Union and about those who went unnoticed: thousands of workers, engineers, clerks, test pilots for the space vehicles and military constructors.

Fifth day

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer to hotel “Cosmonaut”.
  • Farewell of the crew of astronauts from the hotel "Cosmonaut"- transfer to cosmodrome.
  • Visiting of hotel “Cosmonaut” - here lives cosmonauts before launch of rocket and also here situated alley of cosmonauts ( each cosmonaut before Launch of rocket plant a tree), walking through alley.
  • Transfer to the assembly and testing building of RSC Energia (sq. 254).

Sixth day

  • View reports of the crew of cosmonauts to the State Commission Chairman.
  • Transfer to Museum of the Baikonur Cosmodrome (waiting of rocket launch).
  • Group transfer to the OP (observation post).
  • Watching the launch of "Soyuz" – MC rocket.
  • Transfer to hotel. Free time.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transfer to airport Krayniy.
  • Check in to flight Baikonur – Moscow.
  • Departure to Moscow.
  • * We reserve the right to make changes to the tour’s program.

    Our English speaking representative will escort you during the whole your trip on Baikonur

    The night lunch video shot by our Tourist

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    If you want to spend more days in Russia and to see more famous places of space exploration we will do our best to arrange it: