Kostroma - Shelikovo - Plyos



The Golden Ring is a symbolic ring of old Russian towns situated to the North-East of Moscow and have unique monuments of old Russian architecture of the 12th to the 17th centuries. We offer you an entertaining bus tour through Russia's Golden Ring. This tour lasts only 3 days and should be suitable both for customers with little time as well as tourists who decided to spend their vacations in Russia.

Kostroma is one of the oldest towns of Golden Ring situated on the picturesque bank of River Volga. While on this tour, you would see glittering gilded church cupolas and a real treasure of Kostroma... the Ipatiev Monastery. This magnificent building is situated on the outskirts of the town and once housed the first Tzar of the Romanov dynasty, Michail Fyodorovich. Kostroma is one of the best places in Russia to see well-preservedm old wooden buildings, richly decorated and carved: in the open-air museum of the 16th to 18th centuries, visitors could see, among other wooden objects, wind mills, peasant' izby (huts), Russian bath houses, and wooden churches.

Shelikovo is a region of Kostroma famous for the estate where a famous playwright lived and there is a house that belonged to the Actors of Small Theatre.

The charming city of Plyos is situated on the right bank of river Volga with a good beach resort area. It is also closely connected with the well-known artist, Levitan, who lived there and created more that 40 masterpieces of art.

The Golden Ring of Russia offers a glimpse of Russia as it was 800 years ago. It is right here that you will find Russia's oldest churches and many famous monasteries. You would also have a unique chance to learn how Russia was had you been born 8 centuries ago.

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