Country of Tourism LTD - a sensation at the International Tourism Exhibition in Berlin 2011

ITB Berlin 2011
Country of Tourism LTD - a sensation at the International Tourism Exhibition in
conference "Aero-space Tourism in Russia"
During the exhibition, "Country of Tourism LTD" team gave more than 10 interview
Country of Tourism LTD" acquired many partners at ITB Berlin 2011
Discussions with our potential clients

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Company "Country of Tourism LTD" aroused great interest among exhibitors and visitors of the largest International Exhibition "ITB Berlin", and also was of great curiosity for photographers and journalists of international publications and TV!

"ITB Berlin" is the world's largest international tourism fair. The number of participants is more than 9000. It is held annually in March. In this year's exhibition our company "Country of Tourism LTD" has been for the first time participating as an exhibitor.

First of all we've been representing our unique and exclusive tours to Russia, such as MiG-29 Fighter Jet Rides for tourists, programs for Space tourism, Military tours in Russia for corporate clients and tourist groups, adventurous tours and events, as well as traditional tours, and other destinations of our activities.
As our company represent unique and adventure tours, our stand number 210 was located in the lobby 4.1 (Trends and Events).

Our stand attracted great interest, both among the travel agencies, and among visitors for several reasons:

1. Firstly, many of our proposals are unique, exclusive and are of a great demand among tourists! For example, it is possible only in Russia at the aircraft factory "Sokol" (our official partner) to take part in a number of flight programs for the legendary MiG-29 Fighter Jet. Modern Fighter Jet rides for tourists are impossible in other countries of the world.

2. Secondly, on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned space flight (12 April 2011) it's becoming more and more popular to take the unique possibilities of space tourism that we offer in Russia, ranging from tours to Baikonur and ending with the real cosmonaut training in Star City. We also provide a Real Flight into the Stratosphere, while other companies just enqueue space tourists for the flight
into space in future.

3. Thirdly, in contrast to traditional tour operators in Russia, offering only classic tours, we offer the widest range of proposals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Among them are military tours, tank rides, cultural and historical tours, exclusive and adventure tours, event tours, tours for groups and individuals, etc. Thus the spectrum of our services in Russia and CIS countries is even wider than many of the largest operators provide.

4. Fourthly, the look of our stand and the appearance of our managers dressed in costumes of Russian pilots and special forces gained a great interest. Many people simply came up to take photos.

Our company has also aroused great interest among journalists and reporters. On March 10 a conference "Aero-space Tourism in Russia" during which the CEO of our company S.I. Skuratov presented our
unique offers in these areas of tourism took place. Among the listeners were journalists from Europe and North America, specially interested in MiG-29 Fighter Jet Rides and the unique space programs for tourists.

During the exhibition, "Country of Tourism LTD" team gave more than 10 interviews to journalists from different countries. Many journalists noted that our unique offers are among the most interesting in the exhibition "ITB Berlin".

It was very nice to welcome our tour's participants at the exhibition, some of which specially came to meet with their Russian friends.

Due to the great interest in our country and its unique capabilities for tourists, our company "Country of Tourism LTD" acquired many partners and customers at the fair as well as the invaluable experience of participating in major international exhibitions.

See also photo gallery about us at the ITB Berlin 2011